Go-Kart Track Gets Yellow Flag From City

Managing Editor

A St. Marys resident with a go-kart track in his front yard is getting a yellow flag from the city.

City administrators sent a letter to Aaron Myers of 1770 Celina Road on Monday advising the homeowner to cease operations of the go-kart track — which runs along state Route 703/Celina Road — for reasons of safety and aesthetics. 

In the letter signed by Law Director Kraig Noble, it “expressed serious concern” about the go-kart operation.

“As an attorney, I would advise that if anyone is hurt while operating such a vehicle on your property or if a vehicle spins out of control onto Celina Road, you may be held personally liable with a likelihood of having a large judgment rendered against you,” Noble stated in the letter. 

Myers, however, is not buying it.

“City corruption at its finest,” he said in a Facebook message to The Evening Leader on Tuesday. “Won’t do a damn thing about the drugs that flow in and out of my lovely neighbors’ out back and the disgusting pig [sty] that my home hides, but screw the family and their memories.”

Noble’s letter did admit that the city is “not aware of any city ordinances” specifically banning the track, but that it “may be bordering on a violation of zoning law.”

Myers said he has been using the track for two years and is just now hearing from the city about it. All racers sign waivers before they get on the track and Myers equipped the course to account for safety concerns. Myers also had planned different events at the track too.

“We actually tried to make contact with [the] fire department and police department to do a charity event for those in need, but corruption told them not to get involved,” Myers added. “It’s funny. The police always wave and I hear more positive things about it than negative.”

When asked if he would respond to the city about its concern with the track, Myers said he will be taking his story nationally next. And as for the track, he says he plans to keeping using it.

“Or they can come retrieve their tax in person,” he added. 

But Myers believes the bigger issue is a form of corruption from within the city and stated that he is encouraging people to place him as a write-in for mayor in the upcoming fall election to change the ways the city is run.

“If the city’s people find they are deeply concerned with corruption from within to write me in for city mayor and I’ll clean it up,” he said.