Girls Create Tape Crafts

MINSTER — The power of duct tape has hit a new and decidedly feminine generation.

F.J. Stallo Memorial Library in Minster offered a girls-only Duck Tape craft time Tuesday, facilitated by fifth-grade student Courtney Kemper who taught friends to make wallets, flowers and bows with the versatile craft tool Duck Tape.

The girls reported it wasn’t their first use of the tape for craft projects. Almost all had made hair bows, headbands, pocket bags and decorative pens, and knew the best stores to score novelty colors, like tie-dyed, neon, checkered and paint-splattered tapes that go beyond the silver hardware store staple.

Many had searched videos on the Internet looking for projects to complete.

“It’s cool and it’s easy to work with,” Laney Hemmelgarn said.

Librarian Becky Prenger said the girls who attended are mostly part of a reading club that includes boys, but having a girls-only project let the middle schoolers be more able to open up and talk.

“If you listen to them chatting, they all get along so well,” she said. “Even if they don’t know each other in school, here they are friends.”

Cricket Wuebker offered up another benefit of the class.

“Plus boys are annoying,” Cricket said.

Originally Kemper set out to get 10 girls signed up for her Duck Tape class, but when 21 joined, the class was split into two sessions.

Prenger said it’s a good time to bring the girls together because in seventh and eighth grade girls start track, volleyball and other activities after school, and attendance at reading groups peters out.

Allowing the girls to teach each other instead of having an adult lead a craft also has a different dynamic.

“It teaches organization, leadership, responsibility,” Prenger said. “Courtney had to get all this ready in advance, show her friends the project ahead of time.”

As for whether these girls are destined for the Stuck at Prom contest, no one seemed ready to take up the challenge.

The most unusual novelty project that only one person had ever completed?

“I taped an air duct with it once,” Ansley Heid said.