Girls Compete For Little Miss Title

MINSTER — There’s a new little queen in town.

Macy Prenger, 6, the daughter of Steve and Theresa Prenger, won the 2011 Little Miss Oktoberfest Contest, which was held at the Minster Knights of Columbus Hall on Saturday morning.

Paige Schulte, 6, the daughter of Craig and Pam Schulte, was the first runner-up, while Lexi Niemeyer, 6, the daughter of Matt and Alycia Niemeyer, was the second runner-up.

The annual event was open to all 5 and 6-year-old girls who live in Minster.

“They wear the traditional German dirndls and are judged on their dress, their dirndl,” Little Miss Oktoberfest chairperson Tania Homan said. “They’re judged on their personality and then they’re judged on the answers to their questions. Then all the girls get to ride in the parade. The queen rides in, I think, like six or seven parades throughout the next festival series.”

Homan said the fact that this event is a Minster tradition helps draw people in every year.

“It’s just kind of the tradition of coming and seeing the little girls in the German attire,” Homan said. “They’re so young and cute that it’s just a draw, and all the events at Oktoberfest are free, so I think that helps draw a crowd as well.”

Jason Westerheide served as master of ceremonies for the event. He asked each girl a series of identical questions, which included: What is your teacher’s name?; What does she do to make school fun?; What color hair does your mom have?; How tall is your mom?; What makes you really happy?; Can you show me your happy face?; What is your favorite holiday to celebrate with your family?; What does your family do to celebrate that holiday?; What was the first thing you thought about when you woke up this morning? and Why do you want to be Little Miss Oktoberfest?

2011 Little Miss Oktoberfest Macy Prenger said that her teacher makes school fun because “she lets us have our own playtime.”

She said her mom has yellow hair and is “taller than me.”

Macy said her favorite holiday is Christmas and that she celebrates it by playing in the snow.

She said her first thoughts on the morning of the event were “that I’m going to be in Little Miss” and that she wanted to win the contest “because my sister did it and I want to do it, too.”

2011 First Runner-Up Paige Schulte said that her mom is “4 inches” tall, which drew laughs from the crowd.

She said going to Chuck E. Cheese makes her happy and that Christmas is her favorite holiday, which is celebrated with family coming to her house.

Paige said her first thoughts on the morning of the contest were that she is “going to win.”

When asked what color her mom’s hair is, Second Runner-Up Lexi Niemeyer scanned the room for her mother, much to the delight of the crowd.

“Dark brown hair,” she finally answered.

Lexi said her birthday makes her happy and that her favorite holiday to celebrate is summer.

Upon waking up on the morning of the event, Lexi said her first thoughts were “this” (referring to the contest) and that she wanted to win the contest because “I like to dress up and I don’t know what else.”

Following the question-and-answer session for all 18 contestants, 2010 Miss Oktoberfest Morgan Prenger, 2010 Little Miss Oktoberfest Alayna Hogenkamp and Special Guest/ 2006 Little Miss Oktoberfest Margo Luthman answered questions from Westerheide.