Fords Lead County Sales

“Leader Look Back,” is a collection of stories and headlines from 75, 50 and 25 years ago this week. This week’s edition examines stories from Jan. 31 to Feb. 5, 1937, 1962 and 1987.

75 years ago: Residents of St. Marys and the surrounding area raised $1,044.79 for the Red Cross to go toward flood relief in southern Ohio. Appreciation was sent by flood victims to St. Marys for the donation of water.

Ford led the way in Auglaize County car sales in January. Residents purchased 22 Fords, 17 Dodges and 15 Plymouths. Other cars sold were DeSotos, Pontiacs, Buicks and Hudsons.

Frank Seibert, former police chief of St. Marys, died at a Lucas County hospital.

The east and west Kroger stores in St. Marys were slated for remodeling. The stores were remodeled to provide additional space for the display of fresh vegetables and produce and to offer more convenient arrangement of package and canned goods. Herman Schurr managed the westside store and Cecil Thwaits managed the eastside store.

Farm Institutes were held in Auglaize County during a two-week period, starting Feb. 8. Exhibits of farm products, cakes, cookies, quilts and posters will be displayed.

Dead shad were clogging the screens at the waste weir on the west side of Lake St. Marys, making it necessary to have someone there to clean out the screens. The water stage in the lake is being reduced gradually so there will be no danger of flood conditions.

Someone was poisoning dogs in St. Marys. Apparently strychnine was being used and cops warned the poisoner would be arrested when caught.

Auglaize County workers filed 63 claims, none of which were fatal, with the Industrial Commission in January. The time lost by county workers was 588 days.

Auglaize County Prosecuting Attorney Paul Boesel addressed the topic of crime prevention during a visit to St. Paul’s Men’s Association. He stressed the need for a more uniform system of laws in the country and was in favor of modifying the grand jury system.

St. Marys Safety-Service Director Bado Hoewischer cautioned residents against throwing ashes into city streets and alleys. The city received numerous complaints of ashes obstructing the alleys. Heavy rains cause the ashes to flow into sewers, which then must be removed by city crews.

50 years ago: Two juveniles, a 15-year-old girl and a 16-year-old boy, were held in the detention quarters at the county jail for violating the city of St. Marys curfew law. The prolonged detention order, six days, drew national attention from the United Press International, where Judge Tom Danaher was quoted as saying he did not believe in bonds for juveniles.

Wilson M. Grider, 137 S. Spruce St., St. Marys, announced his candidacy as a state representative. Grider, a Democrat, served as a city councilor from 1954 to 1960 and was the owner of Grider’s Service Station.

An Indiana man wanted for murder was arrested west of Celina. Ronald Guiles, 27, of Anderson, Ind., was arrested shortly after being spotted driving a truck through St. Marys by Patrolman H.R. Doty.

The Lake Improvement Association met at 8 p.m. Feb. 6 at Villa View Inn to discuss its monthly business.

Diann Heitkamp, of New Bremen, was selected queen of the New Bremen Future Farmers of America. She was selected from a group of girls, all of whom had to live on a farm of 10 acres or more.

Judge Tom Danaher released the two juveniles who were held in custody for violating the city of St. Marys curfew law. The girl was placed under probation for six months and released to her parents. The boy was made a ward of the court for six months and released to his grandparents. In a statement to the press, Danaher defended his decision, which drew national attention in the media.

The farm workshop of Loren Hebble, located four miles north of St. Marys on Ohio 66, was destroyed by a fire.

The father of the 15-year-old girl held on a curfew violation said he had no problems with the judge’s order.

Charles Swartz and Robert Senger caught 48 fish at Lake St. Marys. Catches included two crappies weighing 2 pounds each and a channel catfish that weighed 3 pounds.

More than 100 city youth attended the City Wide Youth Ecumenical Movement meeting held at St. Paul’s Church.

25 years ago: A high-speed chase through three communities led to the arrest of a 23-year-old Texas man facing a murder charge. Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper Leisa Miller spotted a vehicle driven by Ronald Field on northbound I-75. She attempted to pull the vehicle over but the driver fled. He was ultimately arrested near Lima.

Members of the 1947 state runner-up New Knoxville boys basketball team reunited for the 40th anniversary of their season. Team members included in a photo published in the Leader were Robert Rain, Don Steinecker, William Arnett, Lee Kattman, Kermit Wagner, Roger Settlage, Jack Kuck, Dick DuBois, John Hoge and coach Roger Stauffer. Not pictured was Reuben Holtkamp.

Charlie Ernst poured in a career-high 26 points as the Minster Wildcats defeated the Russia Raiders 68-53.  

Officials continued to remain silent on the identity of a 17-year-old St. Marys boy charged in the murder of Betty Marie Head. The teen was released from detention but officials declined to release any information. Auglaize County Prosecuting Attorney Mark Spees said he was unaware of the suspect’s release and declined further comment.

Members of the St. Marys Sister Cities Inc. tentatively scheduled a seminar on Japanese culture for March 28. The seminar was for members of the city’s delegation in preparation for their trip to Hokudan, Japan, in mid-April.

The St. Marys Community Improvement Corporation displayed a 10-minute video promoting the city during a recent meeting. The video, which cost $8,000 to produce, touted the city as a possible industrial site for businesses looking to expand. The video also included a Japanese narrative to be shown by officials during an April trade trip to Japan.

Carrie Martin and Patti Smith, both of St. Marys, were guests at the Get Acquainted Party held in Cincinnati Jan. 25 for outstanding young women who were selected as finalists in one of the American Coed Pageants.