Firefighters Rescue Dog From Grand Lake

Staff Writer

Firefighters with the St. Marys Fire Department got a call they weren't expecting first thing Monday morning but it was one they had trained for before — sort of.

Around 9 a.m. Monday, the station received a call from St. Marys Township Fire Department requesting mutual aid for a dog stranded on the ice on Grand Lake St. Marys near Second Beach. The department has recently been training on ice rescue techniques for people through the ice and responded with the same equipment as if they were rescuing a person.

Captain Wayne Sweigart said the department responded with four personnel, two in Rescue 156 and two in Medic 7.

The dog, a black and white dog named Indie, had been put out on a cable while the owner moved some things from her car into her parents' house, Sweigart said. At some point around 4 a.m., the owner noticed the cable had broken and Indie was missing.

"They went looking for her for a few hours before they saw her out on the ice," he said. "At that point, they called out to St. Marys Township to come rescue the dog."

Firefighter Anderson Ewing was sent out on the ice along with two firefighters from St. Marys Township. The rescuers broke through the ice — which was only a half an inch thick in some places — a few times but they were able to make it to Indie.

"I think the dog will be fine; she has some healing to do because she was frozen to the ice a little and damaged her paws a little bit but I think she'll come through," he said.

The positive outcome could have been different if not for the efforts of the two fire departments. Sweigart said the dog's core temperature was down to 94 degrees, according to a Facebook post from the owner. A normal temperature for a dog is 101 degrees.