Fire Dept. Seeks Additional Training

ST. MARYS — Seven members of the St. Marys Fire Department will be participating in a weeklong training session that will give them the tools necessary to assist victims of a major trauma incident.

Instructors from Medic Up, of Orefield, Penn., will be in town next week to train the paramedics in advanced medical procedures under extreme conditions including active shooters scenarios. St. Marys Fire Chief Joey Weaver said the training will be a benefit to the paramedics as well as local residents.

“It will be more advanced training so that we can help those who have been victimized,” Weaver said. “It also will allow us to provide advanced medical care over and above what we can and do it a lot quicker.”

The training will take place at Cook Gym. Residents in the area will see flashing lights and smoke and may hear loud noises — all are part of the training. A helicopter also may land at the site on one of the days.

“They will see a lot of activity in and outside the building,” Weaver said, noting one of the days will include night training. “It will be an array of stuff — there’s a lot of sensory depravation.”

Eventually all paramedics within the department will go through the training.

“We are excited to see who this will go,” Weaver said. “I think it’s a benefit to the community for us to be trained in this. You never know what can happen and we want to make sure we are prepared if it does happen. The instructors we have coming in are just top notch.”