Family Rescues Kitten

ST. MARYS — Thursday night was an emotional one for New Bremen resident Monica Lemley and her family when her daughters came home with a 12-week-old kitten they found at Speedway Lanes.

The kitten’s right eye was injured so badly all that is visible is red.

“The kids brought him home and asked if we could fix him,” Lemley said.

They were all on the verge of tears, and after looking at him, Lemley had no choice but to help. Lemley cleaned the mulch that was caked on the tabby cat’s eye, and took him to the Celina Road Animal Clinic in St. Marys to see what needed to be done to help him. The veterinarian guessed he was either scratched across the face by a larger animal, or that he was choked by a person. Either way, he will have to have surgery to remove the eye and have the socket sewn shut.

Lemley, who has decided to keep the kitten as her pet, was in tears after the appointment.

She and her family are big animal lovers.

They already have a cat and dog at home, and the kitten has won them over.

Although the wound looks painful, the kitten, which Lemley hasn’t named yet, is social and eating. Lemley said the veterinarian told her that means the kitten is not in too much pain.

Lemley has scheduled the kitten’s surgery for next Friday morning, and is hoping for donations to help her pay the bill, which will total more than $300.

Anyone who wants to help can donate directly to the Celina Road Animal Clinic at 419-394-6233 or Lemley at 419-733-8460.