Dredge To Arrive

ST. MARYS — The local state park will be receiving a new piece of equipment next month.

Grand Lake St. Marys State Park is on schedule to receive a new dredge next month — despite shipment delays, “Brutus” is scheduled to arrive soon.

“It should be here mid-March,” Regional Dredge Supervisor Tom Grabow said.

Grand Lake St. Marys State Park Manager Brian Miller noted they have been working out some “bugs” with the equipment.

“They build these things as they get the order, so it’s not a massive production line like Chevrolet or Dodge or somebody where they get all these parts and put them together,” Miller said. “Basically it is, they order all the components in and they put it together, so we’re making sure they get all the bugs out of it so it when it gets here we can put it right in and get it to work.”

Locally, Grabow noted everything is ready for the dredge, and as soon as they receive the equipment, they will be ready to use it.

“As soon as we receive it, we’re going to put it right in the water and get it working,” Grabow said.

He also noted the dimensions of the dredge.

“It’s a 12-inch dredge,” he said. “It has a 12-inch intake and a 30-foot digging depth.”

The new dredge is similar to the one the park has used in the past.

“It’s same as the one we’ve been repairing,” Miller said. “We’ve had that one for 43 years now.”

By purchasing a new dredge, costs will go down, he added.

“It will be a lot more efficient,” Miller said. “Our operating costs will go down.”

Grabow added it was time to upgrade the equipment.

“It’s time for a new one,” he said. “The other one was worn out.”

The new dredge will be used actively in 2012, Miller said, noting the park’s goal is dredging 275,000 cubic yards. In the past, the dredge program netted 64,000 cubic yards in 2010 and 69,000 cubic yards in 2009.