Dogs, Owners To Hit Outdoors

NEW BREMEN — Area residents and their furry companions have the opportunity to get out for a night of exercising and socializing next week with the area’s first Dogs Night Out.

Dogs Night Out will be held from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Wednesday at Kuenning-Dicke Natural Area, off Lock Two Road, just north of New Bremen. Mile Creek Animal Hospital Veterinarian Leslie Winner said the event has two goals.

“First, it’s exercise for the dogs and the people, which at this time of the year, is easy to get done,” Winner said. “So, it’s not only getting exercise for the dogs, but it’s also getting these dogs socialized to other dogs, other people and other situations. Socialization is so important for them. It not only builds health but helps behavioral concerns, as well.”

Winner said she got the idea from a group in Columbus that holds a Dogs Night Out and noted the event helps solves two problems she sees as a veterinarian.

“My part as a veterinarian is two-fold,” Winner said.

“A, because one of the biggest concerns I see in my business is overweight pets as there are overweight people and there are behavioral concerns. A lot of behavioral problems are just because pets don’t get enough stimulation and exercise. This is an attempt to solve both problems at once.”

Dogs Night Out, she said, is going to be a monthly event, held the third Wednesday of each month.

“We might change that if we find the turnout is not as good. I know when school starts up, Wednesday nights start to get busy, as well,” Winner said.

To promote involvement throughout Auglaize County, the location of Dogs Night Out will change each month, and suggestions for the next location are welcome.

“We’re going to try to vary the locations and we’re going to try to keep it going once a month in an effort to get people out and about with their dogs,” Winner said.

“This first one we’re going to have at the Keunning-Dicke Natural Area on Lock Two Road. We’re going to maybe do some canal walks next month — wherever in the county we think we can keep it going and have the best turnout.”

Dogs Night Out, she said, is a way to get people and their dogs out of the house.

“It’s just a fun event to get people and their dogs out and about and mixing with other people and their dogs,” Winner said.

Dogs Night Out is sponsored by the Animal Resource Foundation (ARF) and Mile Creek Animal Hospital. ARF is a new organization that aims to aid all animals and their owners by providing information.

“It’s a group of local people who are interested in not just dogs and cats but trying to help all animals,” Winner said.

“It’s a resource for owners who have difficulty with whatever — whether it’s having difficulty feeding their pets or they have to get rid of one, what they can do with it — and putting them in touch with other organizations that can help them out.”

She noted the organization is open to more volunteers.

“We’d love to have more people that can help with the organization so it can grow,” she said.

“The need is out there in various aspects of the community, and the more people we have to help out, the better our response will be.”

For more information about ARF, visit, and for more information about Mile Creek Animal Hospital, visit