DM Hired

ST. MARYS — The city of St. Marys has a new development manager.

St. Marys Mayor Pat McGowan confirmed to The Evening Leader on Friday afternoon Susan E. Crotty has been hired to serve as the new development manager. Crotty takes over for Todd Fleagle, who retired from the position at the end of 2011.

"Susan has over 20 years of experience in various economic development jobs with the city of Pickerington, the state of Ohio and Columbus Urban Growth Corporation," McGowan said. "She has a degree in economics from The Ohio State University, and she comes highly, highly recommended by her former employers."

McGowan said Crotty has worked in economic development, urban revitalization as well as downtown development. Crotty is scheduled to start March 30, the same day as newly hired Safety-Service Director Jason Little.

"Experience, confidence, communication skills set her apart," McGowan said. "She's overloaded with qualifications and skills."

McGowan said he expects Crotty to help attract businesses to St. Marys as well as maintain the current relationships that exist across the city.

"She's highly experienced in recruiting new businesses to come to cities, especially industrial and professional service type companies," McGowan said. "She is experienced with JobsOhio, which is a state mechanism of getting businesses in. She also has experience with CIC — she was the president of one."

Given her experience, McGowan said he doesn't anticipate much of a learning curve when Crotty starts.

"We won't see any lapses," McGowan said. "She knows exactly where and how to go look for companies. She's been successful in writing grants."

With the hiring of Crotty, McGowan said he is excited to start working on the future of the city.

"Now the work begins," McGowan said. "I think we'll hit the ground running and we'll be able to proceed forward instantly instead of having a learning curve. We'll be able to go right away."

Crotty's starting salary is $64,000. Fleagle's outgoing salary was $70,700. McGowan said Fleagle has offered his assistance when necessary.

"We're really appreciative of Todd doing that," McGowan said.