District Moves On With Plans

NEW KNOXVILLE — New Knoxville Local School is continuing to move ahead with plans to implement new standards next year in preparation for the coming state mandates, which will be in effect for the 2014-15 school year, Superintendent Kim Waterman said Monday night at the New Knoxville Board of Education meeting.

“There has been a lot of work done with the teachers getting professional development in the areas of reading, math, science and social studies,” Waterman said. “They’re getting more acquainted with those new standards in curriculum. There is definitely more time needed because they’re new ... There’s still a lot to do yet.”

She noted the goal is to begin teaching the new standards for the 2012-13 school year.

“Our goal is to teach all of those new standards next school year,” she said, noting that work will be done over the summer to prepare the teachers for the standards.

Waterman said the district will possibly see a drop in its scores.

“We have been cautioned that there is a likelihood that we will see a drop in our state report card scores,” she said. “He (State Superintendent Stan Heffner) said the new standards are more rigorous ... He suggested that we just go in it and get it done and start teaching them, so that’s our goal.”

She said she hopes the district does not experience a drop in its scores.

“We hope to prove the state wrong and not see a drop in our scores,” Waterman said.

In her report to the board, Principal Linda Tebbe commended the work of the students who recently completed Ohio Graduation Tests and recognized the success of the jazz band dinner and concert on March 10.

Tebbe also noted the quarter auction that will be held on Thursday at the New Knoxville American Legion that will benefit the school’s technology fund.

“We appreciate this initiative by Krista Schroer and Carey Piehl and want to thank all the consultants and area businesses that are donating time to this cause,” Tebbe said.

Board members met in executive session to discuss employment, and no action was taken when board members reconvened in regular session.

In other business, board members:

• Approved the meeting’s modified agenda.

• Approved the Feb. 27 meeting minutes.

• Approved the February financial report.

• Approved the resignation of Elementary Teacher Brooks Topp and Guidance Counselor Trent Fledderjohann.

• Approved the non-renewal of supplemental and other contracts upon completion of the contract for Cory Canan, high school scholastic bowl, Marna Katterheinrich, junior high scholastic bowl,  Terry Halko, student council, Gail Mueller and Mary Wiest, National Honor Society, Kathy McClain, German club, Jim Niekamp, Spanish club, Nancy Fiegel, school play, Stephanie Boyle Fledderjohann, school musical, Jerry VanderHorst, eighth-grade Washington, D.C. trip, Linda Wolf, God, Flag and Country, Sharon Wittler, fine arts, Andy and Jennifer Handlin, concessions,  Kort Fledderjohann, high school boys varsity basketball, Tim Hegemier, high school girls varsity basketball, Tim Niekamp, varsity assistant boys basketball, Matt Gabel, varsity assistant girls basketball, Josh Lisi, high school boys reserve basketball, Dwain Meckstroth, high school girls reserve basketball, Jeff Henschen, girls seventh-grade basketball, Dennis Henschen, girls eighth-grade basketball, Nate Jurosic, boys seventh-grade basketball, Terry Halko, boys eighth-grade basketball, Dave Tinnerman, elementary boys basketball, Greg Weadock, elementary girls basketball, Terry Halko, golf, Linda Wolf, junior high cheerleading, Betty Roetgerman, high school cheerleading, Linda Wolf, pep club, Jill Roode, varsity volleyball, Kay Webb, varsity volleyball assistant, Shelly Busse, junior varsity volleyball, Casey Horstman, girls seventh-grade volleyball, Shelley Henschen, girls eigth-grade volleyball, Jill Roode, elementary girls volleyball,  Ron Reineke, varsity baseball, Brent Lauth, junior varsity baseball, Nick Wirwille, boys and girls varsity track, Stephanie Boyle Fledderjohann, assistant junior high and high school track, Trent Fledderjohann, junior high track, Tony Hunt, varsity soccer, Joel Mosier, assistant soccer, Beth Shreve, DASL, Kim Wirwille, transportation coordinator, Scott Schroer, OHSA, Michelle Dillon and Judy Bambauer, prom and junior class co-advisers, Jill Roode, yearbook, Cory Canan, pep band director and instrumental vocal, Cory Canan, summer band director, Jill Roode, Power of the Pen, Stephanie Boyle Fledderjohann, junior high and high school cross country, Jerry VanderHorst, athletic director.

• Accepted the extended service agreement with Waibel Energy Systems.

• Approved the interdistrict contract with the Auglaize county Education Service Center for the 2012-13 school year.

• Approved the Tri Star referral to purchase a tool room mill with a tool changer.

• Approved the affidavit waiving the requirement of conducting body mass index screening for the 2012-13 school year.

• Authorized participation in the Southwestern Ohio Educational Purchasing Council natural gas program for a five-year period under the terms and conditions of  the natural gas sales and service agreement with constellation consortium and authorizing ratification of the agreement to terminate the full requirements natural gas sales and service agreement with Energyusa-TPC Corp.

• Approved board policies 1530, 1540,   3120.06, 3131, 5460.01, 6460, 7530.01, 7540.03, 7540.04, 8320.01, 8330, 8405, and 8451.

The next regular meeting of the New Knoxville Board of Education will be held at 7 p.m. April 23 in the media center.