District Looks To Save Tops

NEW KNOXVILLE — A New Knoxville parent has stepped up to help the New Knoxville School District earn more money through Box Tops for Education.

Students at New Knoxville Local School received information and activity packets last week to fill out to help raise the district money for new technology through Box Tops for Education. The activity packet consisted of game sheets for students to fill out, which had spaces for 10 Box Tops. For each sheet they fill out, students will have a raffle ticket entered to win a gift card to Village Market. Principal Linda Tebbe said the worksheets are mostly geared toward elementary students, however, the district is encouraging high school and middle school students to participate as well.

“They’re mostly elementary, with numbers, the alphabet or pictures of a basketball court and it’s got spaces for you to glue on 10 (Box Tops),” she said.

Tebbe said the students can fill out as many sheets as they want.

“We’ll continue to have extra ones available, and each time they turn in a sheet, I’ll put a raffle ticket in the bowl for them and we’ll draw in December,” Tebbe said.

The contest consists of two drawings, one in December and one in March.

Three $10 Village Market gift cards will be given away, which were donated by a parent. Tebbe said the idea for the promotion came from the same parent.

“We had a parent in the community that contacted me and said that there are additional ways that we could really garner more from this (Box Tops for Education) that people might not be aware of,” Tebbe said.  “So I said, ‘go for it.’ She put together packets for me and got me information and we sent it out to the kids.”

Box Tops can be found on hundreds of everyday food products, and school districts receive 10 cents for every Box Top they turn in. Tebbe noted that there are also more ways to earn Box Tops.

“There’s a website that has all sorts of games and activities,” she said. “It has a marketplace where if you purchase items — there’s hundreds of companies, from Wal-Mart to J.C. Penney — through this website, your school gets box tops.”

Last year, New Knoxville Local School raised more than $1,700 from Box Tops for Education. Wapakoneta Elementary School raised more than $4,600, St. Marys Primary School raised more than $3,600 and New Bremen Elementary raised more than $1,900. This year, New Knoxville Local School hopes to raise $2,012.

“We were brainstorming about what a good number would be a good goal and she (the parent) said something about $2,000,” Tebbe said. “I said, ‘how about $2,012 in honor of our senior class.’”

The money raised from the Box Tops will be put toward more smartboards.

“Our goal is to have a smartboard in every classroom,” Tebbe said.

Tebbe said she hopes the added attention will cause people to turn in their Box Tops, even if they do not have a child in school.

“We thought just bringing a little more attention to this might make people a little more aware that when they throw those boxes away, that there’s a school that can be getting 10 cents for every one of them,” she said.

Tebbe said she appreciated the parent that stepped up to help the school.

“What was neat about this was that it was a parent initiative, a parent in the community that was more familiar (with Box Tops),” she said.

“We really appreciate that — when parents have those ideas and make that phone call and are willing to do the work and get the information.”