Defense States Its Case

WAPAKONETA — The defense laid out its case on Wednesday, with a handful of witnesses testifying on behalf of a St. Marys optometrist charged with rape.

Clarinda Wine, Douglas Wine’s wife, testified about the events surrounding Oct. 12 and 13, 2009.  She told Ritchey Hollenbaugh, Wine’s attorney, that she did not notice anything unusual the next morning when the woman left to return home to Florida. She said when she woke up, Wine was in bed with her.

Wine’s wife also testified that she did not notice anything out of the ordinary during a visit by the woman in November 2009. She said she continued to have regular contact and visits with the woman and said that nothing appeared out of the ordinary. The woman previously testified she was distraught regarding the incident.

Then near Christmas 2010, Clarinda Wine testified she found out about the allegations from the woman. She said the woman told her the night the Wines returned from a trip to Hawaii, Wine had “molested” her.

Clarinda Wine said in the days after learning about the allegations, she had multiple conversations with the woman. She said she “couldn’t fathom” anything like that could happen.

Clarinda Wine also recounted how she hired a private investigator to look into the allegations. She told Hollenbaugh she was looking for answers.

“I wanted him to help me to get Doug to admit this,” she said. “He said he would help me.”

She testified she was angry during the interview with the private investigator. Clarinda Wine also revealed that she continued to talk with her family regarding the situation.

“They wanted me to consult a divorce attorney and I did,” she said.

Clarinda Wine said she was “so angry” during that time. She noted she was conflicted about who to believe regarding the allegations.

“I just wanted everybody out,” she said. “I wanted it to make sense.”

She testified the more she thought about the allegations, she said she decided to believe that her husband did not commit the rape.

“The story did not make sense at all,” Clarinda Wine said.

Clarinda Wine also testified about a handful of photographs she took last week that depicted the Wine household as well as a child’s room. The photographs of the child’s room showed how it was assembled in the night of the incident in 2009.

During cross examination, Auglaize County Prosecuting Attorney Ed Pierce inquired about Clarinda Wine’s action after she learned about the allegations leveled against her husband. She told Pierce she was not present during the entire interview Wine submitted to with the private investigator.

Pierce also asked her about her demeanor around her children in the wake of the allegations. Clarinda Wine said she tried to put up a strong front while her children were around but admitted that her world was “crashing down.”

Under redirect, Hollenbaugh asked her if she believed the woman or Wine. Clarinda Wine said she now believed her husband.

“It just didn’t add up to me,” she said. “I just went point-by-point.”

One of Wine’s children testified about the events that transpired the night of the incident. The alleged victim previously testified she was in the child’s room when Wine engaged in unconsented sexual conduct with her.

The child testified about the layout of the room and how the woman would enter and leave the bed after telling a story. The child said the woman would enter and leave the bed from the foot because there was a large tank on the right side of the bed.

Hollenbaugh asked if the child heard any commotion that night. The woman previously testified she screamed when she woke up to Wine kneeling next to her with one of his hands down her pants.

The child said there was no loud screaming that night, and the child also did not hear any of the dogs in the house barking that night. The child testified the dogs often barked when startled.

Dale Wine, Wine’s brother, testified about his relationship with his brother’s family and interactions with the alleged victim. Dale Wine recounted a visit in January 2010, where he had an opportunity to talk with the woman.

“It was very relaxed and comfortable,” Dale Wine said. “I sensed it was great to see them and be with them again.”

Dale Wine also talked about an interaction during a wrestling meet. He told Hollenbaugh he observed a “pleasant” exchange between Wine and the woman. Dale Wine told Hollenbaugh he could not recall anything unusual or any discomfort during his visit.

Jurors also heard from Dr. John Pajka, who classified Wine as “honest and compassionate.”

The trial was scheduled to resume at 8:30 a.m. today. If convicted of the first-degree felony, Wine faces a maximum of 10 years in prison.