Croyle Extradited Back To Mercer County

Michael E. Croyle
Staff Writer

Mercer County Sheriff Jeff Grey reports that on Friday, a male subject was booked into the Mercer County Jail after being transported back from Texas. 

Michael E. Croyle, age 53 and formerly of Celina, was arrested in Rusk County, Texas on Feb. 13. After completion of his local charges in Texas, the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office was contacted by authorities at the Texas Department of Corrections to make arrangements to pick him up.

On Thursday, two deputies from the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office flew to the George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston. 

The deputies took custody of Croyle early on Friday at the Huntsville Unit of the Texas Department of Corrections and brought him back to be booked into the jail.

Croyle was arrested due to a bench warrant issued by the Mercer County Common Pleas Court on Jan. 31. The warrant states that Croyle failed to comply with community control sanctions.

His original charge was aggravated possession of drugs, a charge which Croyle pled guilty to on Sept. 30, 2016.