Crews Fixing Leak

ST. MARYS — Crews were kept busy Tuesday locating and repairing a natural gas leak in downtown St. Marys.

St. Mary Interim Safety-Service Director Greg Foxhoven said the city received a phone call at 11:30 p.m. Monday reporting a natural gas leak at 201 W. Spring St. City crews started marking utility lines early Tuesday morning and crews from Dominion arrived on the scene shortly after midnight to begin the task of locating and repairing the leak.

“They requested our people respond to give the location of the city utilities,” Foxhoven said.

Dominion External Affairs Manager Peggy Ehora told The Evening Leader crews spent much of Tuesday attempting to locate the leak. That task was difficult because of the leak’s proximity to other utilities.

“Part of the issue is that it’s a small leak and it’s down near the other utility conduits,” Ehora said. “We have to be very careful on how we look for it. It’s not like the leak is out in a big rural area where we can just dig. We have to work around the other utility infrastructure and that’s why it’s taking some time.”

While a slight odor of natural gas could be detected in the area, Ehora said the leak posed no danger to the public.

“A lot of times with a leak, especially with these winds, you can smell it,” Ehora said. “There is always a concern that if you smell gas it must be dangerous, but there was no immediate danger to the public at all ... If we felt there were any issues with public safety, we would have taken the necessary steps.”

Ehora said crews would remain on the scene until the source of the leak is found and repaired.