Councilors Continue Talks

NEW BREMEN — Area councilors again discussed the possibility of establishing no parking on the north side of Monroe Street and are hoping to receive more feedback from the community before finishing up the possible ordinance.

New Bremen Village Councilors discussed the feedback they had received so far from the public about eliminating the three parking spaces across from La Piazza New Bremen between Washington and Water streets, with the majority of the feedback being for the change.

Mayor Jeff Pape shared the feedback he had heard since the last meeting.

“A couple didn’t like it because they felt bad for La Piazza and the businesses downtown,” he said. “One of them said he could live with it but he would like us to wait until the construction of the Crown building gets over because that’s five spots we’re missing already.”

The comment that he said “set in the most” was from an elderly gentleman.

“He was in favor of it because of the safety factor,” Pape said. “Because, he like a lot of us, think it’s just a matter of time before someone opens the door and gets pegged off by a semi. That set in the most of all five of mine, that age bracket.”

Councilor Don Kuck noted he recently saw a school bus parked in the proposed no parking area to unload students.

“I know at that point in time, the school bus was right in front of Lock One Theater, and there were semis backed up at the intersection because they couldn’t get through,” he said.

New Bremen Police Chief Doug Harrod noted the area is a common place for accidents.

“We average three to five accidents there a year where vehicles get sideswiped,” Harrod said. “I can’t remember anybody being hurt there, but it’s a safety concern.”

As for waiting until the construction on the Fireside Pub building, Harrod noted they can’t pass the ordinance and then not enforce it. Pape noted the reconstruction could take at least a year.

Pending further feedback from the public on whether they should move ahead and pass the proposed ordinance or if they should wait and pass the ordinance after the construction on the Fireside building is finished, councilors moved forward with the second reading of the ordinance instead of moving on to close out the ordinance with an emergency.

Councilors also heard from new New Bremen resident Bob Vargo, who expressed concern about hearing gun shots from the gun club near his home. Vargo said, especially on Thursdays, he can hear shots until 10:30 p.m. to 10:45 p.m. and has to move to the basement to get relief from the noise.

Vargo asked if there was anything the village could do/had done in the past to help with the noise, even though the gun club is out of the village limits. Harrod noted he would speak with the president of the gun club about ending the shooting earlier.

In his report, Pape noted the dedication of the Sunshine Playground will be at 10 a.m. June 16, and there will be a planning commission meeting at 7 p.m. June 5 in the training room at the village offices to discuss items such as the rezoning of Washington Street, revisions to property maintenance and rezoning the old parks building at 200 N. Main St.

In his report, Village Administrator Wayne York noted they will open bids on June 5 for the street resurfacing.

York also noted the village will be changing its procedure on brush pickup. Brush picku will be on Mondays only, except for summer holidays such as Memorial Day, when brush pickup will be held the Friday before the holiday.

In the fall, brush pickup will stop while the leaf season is going on.

In other business, councilors:

• Passed, as an emergency, an ordinance amending an ordinance for the semiannual transfers from the Income Tax fund to the General, Street Construction, Parks and Recreation, Pool and Lockkeeper funds for a total of $755,000.

• Passed, as an emergency, an ordinance to amend the payroll ordinance to change the pay of seasonal help to be paid the greater of either the federal or Ohio minimum wage plus 25 cents per year per hour.

• Had the third reading of an ordinance to levy the Bear Drive assessments in the amount of $13,794.15.

Councilors entered into executive session to discuss property. No action was taken when councilors reconvened into regular session.

The next meeting of the New Bremen Village Council will be at 6:30 p.m. June 12 at the village offices.