Council Approves Bids On Electric Substation

Staff Writer

Passing under an emergency three readings, New Bremen’s Village Council accepted seven bids for major equipment contracts recommended by GDP Group for the north electric substation and 69 kV Transmission Pole Line. 
According to Fiscal Officer Amy Speelman, each section of the substation that went out to bid received at least two bids. Also, the total bids received came in under the engineer’s estimate. The engineer’s estimate for bids was $1,784,000 total and the bids came in tallied up to $1,783,014 — $986 under budget. 
Two items on the list that went out for bid came in over the estimate. Two 69-12.47kV 10 MVA power transformers — estimated to cost $600,000 — came in at $618,950, $18,950 over. That bid was made by WEG Transformers. 
The other item that came in over estimate was a Power Control Center — estimated to cost $250,000 — came in at $272,104, $22,104 over. That bid was made by Meyers Controlled Power. 
Other items came in at: structures, bussing and switches came in at $336,590, $3,410 underestimate; two 69kV SF6 circuit breakers came in at $74,490, $15,510 underestimate; three 69kV circuit switchers came in at $232,000, $8,000 under estimate; four vacuum reclosers came in at $75,000, $9,000 underestimate and twelve 333kVA voltage regulators came in at $173,880, $6,120 underestimate. 
Also relating to the substation, a first reading was passed that was a petition to the Auglaize County Commissioners to annex land on the Voress property — purchased to build the substation — located in German Township. Mayor Jeff Pape said a small portion, less than an acre of land, is located in German Township. Village Solicitor Jason This said that there was no need to pass this under emergency because as soon as he submits the petition, the commissioners will approve it. Bob Parker and Dennis Burnell motioned for the ordinance to pass. 
Pape also brought up a discussion item for the purchase of canal property that the village has always wanted to own that is currently in possession of the state. He said there is still some clarification needed on how much of the property the state is willing to give them as he mentioned the village is only interested in owning up to the Spring Creek Bridge near the YMCA and the line that separates Minster and New Bremen. 
After the meeting, Pape explained that the village currently owns property surrounding the canal path up to the Dollar General on state Route 66. He said the canal path property from the Dollar General south to Spring Creek looks to be in bad shape and the village wants to clean it up, but they don’t want to do that until they own the property themselves. 
There is some uncertainty about the area being offered and is how big it is. The cost of the land should be cheap, according to Pape, adding that the village just has to pay for the filing and the surveying. He estimated it wouldn’t cost more than $10,000.
Cost of survey and exact location of how far south they want to claim for the land will be available at the next council meeting on Aug. 26. 
In other business, council:
• Heard fines, fees and forfeitures for July were $1,649.
• Completed a first reading on Ordinance 2019-8-17, amend appropriations for the EMS Levy Fund. Speelman said there was an error on her part as she put down the wrong amount when she was filing appropriations earlier this year.
She said they have the funds, but she can’t move that money until she fixes the appropriation record. Speelman also underestimated the auditors fee and needs an addition $241 to cover that amount. 
• Completed a second reading on Resolution 2019-7-7 to renew Maharg’s Refuse Contract for three years. Pape said there were no changes in fees for the new contract. 
• Completed a second reading on Ordinance 2019-7-15 for levying assessments of Front Street and Eastmoore Drive’s reconstruction project. 
• Completed a third reading on Resolution 2019-7-6 to adopt the Auglaize County Solid Waste Management district plan. 
• Entered into executive session to discuss property. No action was taken.