Completion Of Building Project Moved Back

Staff Writer

On Wednesday morning, the New Bremen Board of Education met to discuss the current state of the building project and plans to handle the delays that have occurred because of weather that have put the project behind schedule. 

Originally scheduled to be completed July 21, 2020, the project is now estimated to be completed around Sept. 15, 2020. 

As of Tuesday, the project has lost 56 work days because of the wet weather earlier this year. The Ohio Department of Transportation only predicted 16 days to be lost to weather which means the project is 40 days behind schedule for the July 21, 2020 completion date. 

After a meeting with Gilbane Building Company, Superintendent Jason Schrader told the board that they are looking to add an extra day to the work week to help get the project back on schedule. Currently, two crews are working four, 10-hour work days to get the project completed. This new schedule would have one crew (12 people) working an additional 10-hour day on Fridays for a total of 20 additional work days. 

Board member Scott Bertke mentioned that as long as they don’t have a rain out day that prevents crews from working Monday through Thursday, Friday’s will be viewed as a gain for the construction project. Those additional work days would push the completion date of the project up to Aug. 18, 2020 or possibly sooner, depending on weather and if crews can get the building enclosed before winter hits. Getting the building enclosed will be the biggest deciding factor on when the building will be completed which will determine the schedule for the 2020-21 school year. 

This would put the masons into overtime, which will increase costs from the school for the project. Overtime rate for the workers is $35 per hour and for a 12-man crew, from now until winter, that cost is listed as $56,000. Looking at other additional costs associated with this method, the district is looking at spending an additional $102,267 to get the project completed. 

To continue the project as is, without doing anything to help get ahead, the district is looking at spending an additional $185,069.26 to complete the project. 

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