Company Expanding Operation

ST. MARYS — A local business is expanding its building and services, which will result in additional jobs for the area.

Murotech Ohio Corporation — or MTO — on McKinley Road is currently constructing an addition to its building.

“The addition itself is adding heat treat,” Plant Manager Ralph Wiley said. “Heat treat hardens the parts or surface hardens parts so the durability of the product meets the requirement of the application — for example, there are transmission components that have parts heated so they don’t wear.”

The addition will be a total of 13,000 square feet.

“It’s about a 25 percent increase in our facility size,” Wiley said.

That area will hold three furnaces.

“They will be two different types of heat treatment for the transmission and engine components that we produce now,” Wiley said.

By adding the furnaces, MTO will be able to do the process in-house, rather than outsourcing the process, which was done in the past.

“We’ll be eliminating the outsourcing of some of our products to vendors and we’ll be able to perform the process in-house,” Wiley said. “It saves money and adds jobs to the area.”

Wiley said he anticipates the addition will add between eight and 10 new jobs to MTO.

“Overall, the benefit will be that it will improve our ability to serve our customers in a much shorter time,” Wiley said. “It will improve our company’s efficiency and productivity in that we’re not outsourcing.”

The time factor, he added, is there will be a shorter lead time on the products.

“Right now we have a three-day lead time on delivery,” Wiley said. “I expect we’ll be able to get it down to one day.”

The $4.5 to $5 million project began in early December with the groundbreaking. Wiley said equipment should arrive and be installed in May, and the process should be up and running by mid to end-June.

“I expect the hiring process to start in May,” Wiley said, noting there would be a training period with the equipment manufacturers to follow.

The original facility opened in St. Marys in 1999.

“We started with 11 people, and we currently have 77,” Wiley said. “With the additional eight to 10, we’ll be approaching 100 employees.”

He noted the project has been on MTO’s timeline for a while, and the facility currently serves the Honda/Toyota/Nissan automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

“It has been one of the company’s long-term plans to add this process to our St. Marys operation,” Wiley said, adding MTO’s parent company is a $100 million operation. “With the addition and increased volume, our current projection is we’ll be 25 percent of our parent company’s total sales. We will be the largest, single facility they have by sales volume, globally.”