Committee Hears Recommendations About Traffic Lights

Pictured above is a graphic of every traffic signal device on Spring, High, Wayne, Main and Front streets and the recommendations made by Choice One as to which traffic signals to keep and which ones to remove.
Staff Writer

Choice One Engineering gave its presentation to members of the St. Marys Streets and Sidewalks Committee regarding the status of a number of traffic lights throughout Spring and other surrounding streets on Monday.

Based on its study, representatives from Choice One, Craig Eley and Allan Heitbrink, along with Superintendent of Community Services and Engineering Craig Moeller, recommended the removal of nine out of the 13 traffic signals throughout Spring Street and on High, Front, Main and Wayne streets.

Those nine traffic signals recommended for removal are based on if those devices are deemed “warranted,” which affects funding.

The signals that are warranted have to meet certain criteria with nine requirements, but Eley pointed out the top four requirements that pertain to St. Marys’ situation.

Those criteria are: An eight-hour warrant regarding traffic volume which determines the traffic during eight hours out of a day, a four-hour warrant which determines if there is enough traffic in four hours out of a day, peak-hour warrants and pedestrian volume warrant.

Throughout Spring Street, the representatives recommended the traffic signals at the intersections of Vine and Pine streets be removed and a two-way stop be installed as well as the two pedestrian crossings on Spring Street with enhanced cross walks installed.

Also recommended as the intersection of Spring and Wayne streets would have that traffic signal removed for a four-way stop.

The traffic signal at the intersection of Front and Spring streets would be removed during the Spring Street Reconstruction Project.

Choice One is estimating a cost of $195,000 to upgrade each intersection, including the removal of traffic lights and upgrading the ones that will remain. 

Choice One also recommended the removal of traffic signals at the intersections of Front and High and Wayne and High streets.

The traffic signals Choice One recommended that remained were at the intersection of Spruce and Spring, but would be reconstructed with the street project, Main Street intersections at High and Spring, with an added left arrow at the Main and High streets intersection. 

Pedestrian push buttons would also be installed in those four intersections.

The traffic signal at Main and South streets would also remain, per Choice One’s recommendations.

For the full story, see Tuesday's print edition of The Evening Leader.