Club Turns 100

NEW BREMEN — In October 1912, a group of mothers organized a club that would eventually come to be known as the New Bremen Women’s Club, a group that has been serving its community for 100 years.

“The New Bremen superintendent organized a private kindergarten class for children ages 3 to 6 in the former East Town Hall, above the firehouse,” New Bremen Women’s Club President Suzanne Heuker told The Evening Leader.

Tuition, she said, was set at 50 cents per week and the mothers were asked to help out. The mothers decided to form a mothers club, which later became the New Bremen Women’s Club.

New members were added to the club in 1914. Members were enticed to attend meetings with the reading of a chapter of a book, and the next chapter was read at the next meeting. Members also began more volunteer efforts in November 1914, when each member donated 50 cents for clothing and food to be sent overseas.

The women’s club adopted its first constitution in 1915 and listed its mission statement in its 1933-34 booklet.

“A place where kindly thoughts are cherished, where high ideals are nourished, where charity in all its beauty is held to be a sacred duty, where peace and harmony abound and members meet on common ground,” the mission statement read.

In the past 100 years, the New Bremen Women’s Club has been active in the community. Currently, the club offers scholarships and is involved with the Friends of the Library, the Girl Scouts and the New Bremen Beautification.

In addition to Heuker, the current officers of the club include Vice Presidents Marilyn Sommer and Edith Klingler, Secretary/Treasurer Bev Kuck and Past President Carol Ruese.

The New Bremen Women’s Club meets on the third Tuesday of the month from September to May. There is no January meeting. Meetings are held at restaurants throughout the area and include an informative program.

To mark its 100-year anniversary, the New Bremen Women’s Club held a celebration on Oct. 16 at the New Bremen Senior Citizens Center.

“We had Edith Wissman and Ethel Mesloh teach the history of the past 100 years,” Heuker said of the celebration. “The tables were decorated to commemorate the last 100 years. We had dresses and gloves and jewelry set out on the table.”

Oct. 16 was also declared New Bremen Women’s Club Day and its members were named the Citizens of the Day.

“(New Bremen Economic Development Director) Angela Hamberg brought a proclamation from the mayor, who was unable to attend, declaring that day (Oct. 16) New Bremen Women’s Club day, which I thought was special,” she said.

Members also enjoyed a display of memorabilia from the past 100 years and sang songs that the club had sung years ago.

Anyone interested in joining the New Bremen Women’s Club can contact any officer or member.