Club Continues Work

ST. MARYS — Fourteen years ago, Jim Harris was just ending his one-year presidency with the St. Marys Rotary Club.

With the end of that term, Harris would soon be a part of the beginning of another significant event. He was contacted by the Dictionary Project, an organization created in 1992 out of one Georgia woman’s donation of 50 dictionaries to children at a school near her home. Representatives from the project wanted to know if Harris and the St. Marys Rotary would like to be part of what is now a national — soon to be international — mission to inspire students to love reading, learning and creative thinking.

“I called the incoming president, and they said, ‘We’ve got to do this,’” Harris said.

On Thursday, Harris along with Rotary President Randy Elsass and Rotarian Travis Elsass carted several cardboard boxes full of the Student’s Dictionary, a paperback book published by the Dictionary Project, to the Intermediate School in St. Marys.

Dictionaries were also passed out to third graders at Holy Rosary and Grand Lake Christian.

“We know that third grade is a very, very big year for you,” Harris told the students.