City Takes Next Step In Mill Renovation

The state of Ohio gave the City of St. Marys lots of land under and around the reservoir mill on high street as the city inches closer to renovating the 174-year-old mill.
Managing Editor

The City of St. Marys continues to inch closer in its mission to renovate the reservoir mill on High Street.

In this week's deed transfers, the State of Ohio transferred Lots 13 and partial lots 7-12 as part of the Block 37 east addition — canal lands — located under or around the mill.

According to Director of Public Service and Safety Greg Foxhoven, the city was given the land by the state at no cost and has no affect on the proposed 2019 budget.

St. Marys Mayor Pat McGowan issued a statement to The Evening Leader Tuesday afternoon about the city's Mill Restoration Project and how the land acquisition moves the project forward.

"This is the next step in the restoration of the Mill," he said. "It will help us in the cleanup up of a blighted area and become one of the keystones of downtown St. Marys."

According to, Gov. John Kasich signed the deed on Nov. 27 to have the land transferred from the state to St. Marys and the transaction became official Jan. 2.

The next step would be to acquire the building, which is privately owned by James Heinrich.

The land acquisition is just one of a long list of steps the city has had to take in its mission to renovate the 174-year-old mill that has been out of operation since 1972.