City Seeks CDBG Grant

ST. MARYS — The removal of two vacant homes and new playground equipment are being proposed as part of a grant program for next year.

The two structures — located at 502 Indiana Ave. and 215 S. Vine St. — are owned by the city. St. Marys Engineering Superintendent Craig Moeller said the project will be included in a grant application as part of the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program.

“Those are the two homes that are inside the city that it owns,” Moeller said. “They were given to us due to back taxes and the properties didn’t sell so the city ended up with them and the plan is to tear them down with CDBG money.”

The second component of the project would include playground equipment at Williams-Edwards Park, located between Williams and Edwards streets.

“We are looking at some small playground features — some small slides and a climbing apparatus,” Moeller said.

“The playground equipment would be ADA approved for the neighborhood playground and we are looking at ages 3 to 12.”

Each year, the city receives a portion of CDBG funds for projects. The funding, which comes from the state, is administered at the county level.

“We pay for the project, and the county reimburses us once the project is complete,” Moeller said.

“It benefits the city in the low to moderate income areas, depending upon the project. The two houses we are going to tear down, those are slum or blight removal and that’s part of it, which would benefit the whole city.”

The project would take place next year. Moeller estimated the project to cost $30,920.75 with approximately $30,000 coming in the form of a grant.

This year, the city is using CDBG funds to resurface Vine Street and St. Clair Avenue.