City To Appear On TV Show

ST. MARYS — Work recently started on a production that will give St. Marys some national exposure.

Officials from “Today in America,” a show that is aired on the Discovery Channel, contacted officials from the city of St. Marys earlier this year regarding the possibility of the city being featured on one of its programs. Development Manager Susan Crotty said the show would showcase the city and what it has to offer.

“They indicated they had done some research and determined St. Marys might be a good place to showcase on their program,” Crotty told The Evening Leader. “Today in America” is a program that is focused on education and positive news stories.”

“Today in America” is hosted by NFL hall of fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw. While Bradshaw is not expected to make the trip to St. Marys, Crotty said a film crew will visit the city at the end of August or early September.

“I have recently been in contact with the script writer,” Crotty said. “I provided them with a lot of information on the amenities in St. Marys and the various programs the city is undertaking to encourage development and tourism. I also provided them with ideas for filming locations. The script writer is working on a script and said she would have it to me within a week ... We then have the opportunity to review and edit it so we will be able to tailor the video to suit our needs.”

In addition to showcasing the city and its amenities, the program also will feature interviews from public officials as well as business leaders. When filming starts, Crotty said she hopes the weather improves from its recent dry, hot spell.

“We want the best possible light to showcase the city and right now it’s a little dry,” Crotty said. “We aren’t sure if it will be better in August but we do need to meet their production schedule.”

The price of the video is $19,800. Crotty noted that price also gives the city ownership of video.

“We will be able to put that on our website and use it for other promotional activities,” Crotty said. “It would be ours to use how we see fit going forward. If we were to just have a video made by using any other company, there would be significant cost. What we are also getting with this is national exposure and a national talent in Terry Bradshaw narrating it.”

Crotty also noted the video would be beneficial to enhancing the image of St. Marys.

“I think that’s very important because we all have felt the negative impacts of the issues at the lake during the past few years,” Crotty said. “I think we want to leave them with a positive image, and I think that this will have an impact on our future for economic development and tourism going forward.”

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