CIC Talks Development

NEW BREMEN — An area economic development director gave an update on workforce development initiatives, as well as one that will be soon taking place locally.

During her report to the members of the New Bremen Community Improvement Corporation, New Bremen Economic Development Director Angela Hamberg noted her recent trip to Traverse City, Mich., in early August with members of the Auglaize County Economic Development Coalition.

“I thought it was very helpful for that to be able to speak the same language, so to speak,” Hamberg said of their time working with automotive companies. “In addition, it was a great opportunity — normally when we meet with the prospects, we pretty much have Greg (Myers) lead the conversation and the rest of us are the support system to Auglaize County ... This particular situation put me in the position to promote Auglaize County myself, not being in a support role.”

Hamberg also noted a local workforce development initiative being spearheaded by Mercer County Economic Development Director Jared Ebbing.

“He wants it to be a Mercer and Auglaize county effort,” Hamberg said of “Hometown Opportunity.”

“He wants to roll out with job postings, some samples of career paths, video testimonies of businesses that are in Auglaize and Mercer county. The purpose is, for those people who are looking for jobs, whether they’re here in the counties or if they’ve moved away and want to come back and just keep saying, ‘There’s no jobs there, there’s no jobs there.’ This is a website that will let them know all the opportunities that are here.”

She described the site as a home base.

“There’s a lot of positive response coming from Mercer County businesses about this, they’re very excited, the superintendents of the schools have been involved in this discussion, they’re excited about it, as well as the guidance counselors,” Hamberg said.

“On Sept. 28, Jared wants to introduce it to Auglaize County businesses and Auglaize County schools.”

She noted the meeting that day would include representatives from different cities and businesses around the county.

“Each of Wapak, St. Marys, New Bremen, Minster, each will be inviting two or three businesses to engage in the conversation,” Hamberg said.

“The intent is for all businesses to be a part of it at some point, they’re just looking for 10 per county to be kind of the driving force in the beginning in order to build up the momentum.”

Hamberg also noted they are holding another welding course, which started last week, and will run from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Mondays and Wednesdays.

In other business, CIC members:

• Approved the financial reports for July and August.

• Approved accounts payable.

• Motioned to increase the prize amount for the dinner and a movie giveaway.

• Motioned to extend the agreement for the former parks department building for up to 30 days.

• Motioned to move both CDs into the checking account when they come due.

• Motioned to send Hamberg to the OEDA conference in October.

• Motioned to amend the travel expenses guidelines and to change it to hotels with a three-star rating.

CIC members entered into executive session to discuss real estate. No action was taken when they reconvened into regular session.

The next meeting of the New Bremen CIC will be at 6 p.m. Oct. 2 at the municipal center.