Chief List Narrowed

NEW BREMEN — The search to replace retiring New Bremen Police Chief Doug Harrod continues.

Mayor Jeff Pape updated New Bremen Village Councilors on the search during Tuesday night’s council meeting.

“We have knocked it down to eight (candidates), and we’re doing some scouring of those eight,” Pape said. “We’re going to interview our two, and then five or six others. We’re going to do a round robin interview, where I’ll be in one room, Craig will be in another room, and so on. And we’ll work them through that way. That way you can ask them questions and not feel like you’re taking up too much time.”

 In a related law enforcement move, councilors approved the hiring of a part-time police officer for the village with a six-month probationary period.

Pape also presented councilors with an opportunity regarding village liquor licenses.

“I did get a note from the Department of Commerce, the Division of Liquor Control,” Pape said.

“We get this every year, where we have one chance to disapprove of any liquor permit in town, and that is on June 1, if we want to. If we do not have a problem with any liquor permits in town, we do nothing.”

Councilors agreed to do nothing and allow all current liquor licenses in the village to be renewed.

The village garage sale will be held on April 19 and 20, Pape said, and fines, fees and forfeitures for February totaled $786.

Electric Superintendent Matt Krieg informed councilors the removal of a cement slab at the Herman Street Substation was more costly than expected.

“(It appeared to be) just a cement slab with the walls turned out,” Krieg said. “It was (much deeper) with cement. They spent a lot of extra time and equipment to (remove it).”

Councilors approved an emergency resolution for a change order in the amount of $15,665.

Krieg also updated councilors on the downtown project that will move telephone lines underground and clear the area behind the lockkeeper’s house of unsightly telephone poles.

“As of today, I talked to the phone guys and they’ve got everything prepped,” Krieg said. “Tomorrow they’re going to start flipping people over to the stuff underground.”

People will lose their landline services for a short amount of time during this transition.

At 7 p.m. March 19, there will be a spring lawn and landscape meeting in the upstairs of the Lockkeeper’s house.

Councilors discussed and eventually voted to table the third reading of an ordinance regarding proposed R-C Transitional Zoning.

The discussion was whether this ordinance would allow councilors to re-approve this zoning status after a change of ownership of businesses in this area that would also change the type of business.

Councilors approved, as an emergency, an ordinance to create a Park Advisory Board as spring inches closer.

Lastly, Pape touched upon a topic that has generated a few complaints from village residents in recent weeks.

“It’s basically one family, and what they do is bring in a trailer and they sell everything from scrubbers for your toilet to diapers,” Pape said.

The items are all new, and Pape said he would leave the decision up to councilors to decide whether this was something they wanted to stop. Councilors discussed the issue but did not come to a consensus on whether to take action.

In other business, councilors:

• Approved the minutes of the Feb. 26 meeting.

• Approved the second reading of an ordinance to approve the retiring and rehiring of Superintendent of Water Treatment Greg Dennings.

• Approved the third reading of an ordinance to transfer $10,000 from the Income Tax fund to the 403 Capital Projects fund for repayment of a loan from the Ohio Public Works Commission for the Franklin/Main Sanitary Sewer Project.

• Tabled the third reading of a resolution regarding the Right-of-Way Plan for the Miami and Erie Canal Shared Trail to verify the exact cost.

• Approved the third reading of a resolution to seek bids for the Village refuse contract.

• Approved, as an emergency, a resolution to pro-rate the HSAs for 2013 new hires.