Changes Made to Project

WAPAKONETA — To date, six change orders have been approved for the Auglaize County Courthouse renovation project.

Auglaize County Administrator Joe Lenhart said it’s about what they expected going into the approximately $8 million project, facing unknown factors particularly in the basement and attic areas.

“We were advised to allow for $250,000 in contingencies,” Lenhart said. “We’re at about $100,000 in change orders and we’re getting most of the way through the unknowns.”

In total, there have been four change orders for general contractor Peterson Construction amounting to approximately $114,540.

Both change orders approved for Koester Electric have been reductions in cost of nearly $14,900.

Change orders most recently approved for Peterson deal with reinforcing pillars, insulation for the fourth floor and elevator changes.

More than $7,700 was approved for a change order including additional work to column wraps in the attic.

Lenhart said pillars in the attic used to support roof beams are almost to the point of disintegration.

“Plans are to put metal around the base and pour concrete around them to solid them up below the new floor,” Lenhart said. “Now that the area is open it’s time to do it.”

Lenhart said nearly $6,260 has been approved for the change order on the elevator.

Since the existing elevator operates on motors, pulleys and cables in the attic, a new elevator is required to replace the existing one to go to the third and fourth floors. Crews plan to drill down 35 feet for the new elevator, something that also was done for the Auglaize County Administration Building when it was built.

Similar to the Auglaize County Administration Building, it is expected that in drilling they may once again hit the underground river so a double shaft wall was added to the plans.

“The plans didn’t have in for the double shaft, but it provides protection as we expect to drill into the same river,” Lenhart said.

He said the change should provide for more longevity.

The $4,000 increase for the change order due to insulation is based on changes to how the upper floors of the courthouse will be insulated.

While batt insulation originally was called for in the plans, spray poly foam insulation is to be used instead.

The insulation along with fire barrier coating is to be used on the underside of the fourth floor deck. Both also are to be used on the third floor chase walls.

“That should do a much better job sealing things up and will pay for itself in time,” Lenhart said.