Celina Man Faces Felony Charges

From staff reports

CELINA — A Celina man is facing charges for an incident that occurred Monday morning at Grand Lake St. Marys.

According to the Mercer County Sheriff Office, 40-year-old Andrew Ahlers is being held in the Mercer County Adult Detention Facility on charges of abduction and aggravated menacing stemming from an incident on Grand Lake St. Marys early Monday morning. 

According to the Mercer County Municipal Court records, a 911 call was received from a caller stating the boat’s keys had been thrown in the water by the boat’s operator, who allegedly jumped into the lake to retrieve them. 

A second 911 call was received 20 minutes later where a distressed female who reportedly stated that Ahlers may have had a gun on the boat. 

An Ohio Department of Natural Resources officer came out to the boat, along with other law enforcement officers and ordered Ahlers to shut off the boat and show his hands. 

He was arrested a short time later. 

Witnesses stated Ahlers and his companion picked up four other people and Ahlers began recklessly operating the boat, causing people to get thrown around the boat and sustain injuries. 

Court records alleged Ahlers also made threatening statements. 

Ahlers is being held on $100,000 bond and has a preliminary hearing set for 11:30 a.m. June 5.