Celina Conducting Vehicle Inspections

Staff Writer

The Celina Police Department will be conducting inspections to authorize the operation of multi-use vehicles on the Celina City Streets. These will occur from 10 a.m. to noon Saturday at the Celina Administration Building, 225 N Main St., outside of the police department offices.

These vehicles include golf carts, utility vehicles such as Rangers, Gators and Razors with a bed for transporting cargo andmini-trucks. There is a $25 fee for the inspection and all vehicles being brought in for inspection must be brought in on trailers or trucks. They cannot be legally driven on the roadway until after they are inspected. Any delivered in an illegal manner will not be inspected.

What you need to have to pass the inspections are as follows:
Vehicle must be legally registered with license plates in the State of Ohio
The owner must be present with a valid Ohio driver’s license
Empty vehicle weight for mini-trucks and UTV’s
Working brakes
Brake lights (2)
Tail lights (2)
Steering mechanism
Rearview mirror
Tires (safe condition)
Turn signals (2 front/2 rear)
White license plate light
Seatbelt for each occupant (all seats)
Proof of insurance (motor vehicle insurance on that vehicle)

Upon successful inspection the officer will provide a copy of the City Ordinance and will affix an inspection sticker to the rear of the vehicle. This will authorize use of the vehicle by a licensed drive on streets within the City of Celina which are 25MPH speed limit or less only.

After Saturday’s inspections they will be done by appointment only. Please bring the exact amount of $25 cash or a good check.