Cats Looking For Homes

WAPAKONETA — June is national Adopt-A-Cat month, and approximately 55 cats and kittens are hoping for adoption at the Humane Society of Auglaize County, where the facility is already over capacity.

“We’ve had some good adoption rates with the kittens,” said Sonya Osting on behalf of the no-kill shelter.

Last month the shelter adopted out five to 10 adult cats and 20 kittens. Unfortunately, the society has to turn down callers with cats or kittens every day because they are already over capacity.

“Our biggest challenge is space,” Osting said. “We get five to 10 calls per day from people who want to surrender, and we just can’t take them.”

This time of the year is especially challenging as people find mothers tending kittens under their porches or in their barns.

“It happens all the time during this season,” said Osting. “We encourage people to try to find homes for them themselves.”

The shelter suggests “free pet” ads in newspapers, on Craigslist and even the website Freecycle.

The more difficult pets to relocate, she said, are senior cats and black cats. But black cats, and even black dogs, have lower adoption rates. As for senior cats, Osting said there are several advantages to adopting older.

Osting pointed out that older cats are often already litter box trained, spayed and neutered, declawed, and have their vaccines.

“If you don’t want to go through the kitten phase, they’re great,” Osting said.

Their personalities are also calmer, she said. The advantage of cats in general, she said, is that they’re often less maintenance than dogs, and don’t need walks.

The shelter reaches out to potential owners through Facebook and, but they’ll also open their doors with an Adopt-a-Thon from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. June 22.

At the event, the shelter also plans to give pet owners the first peek of the new grooming salon, Fetch!, which will offer pet maintenance and boarding.