Cards Welcome Grandparents

NEW BREMEN — Area kindergarten students showed their appreciation to their grandparents Monday afternoon at an annual celebration.

New Bremen Elementary held its Grandparent’s Day, an hourlong program in which students sang songs while teachers Donna Schmitmeyer and Debbie Miller shared with the grandparents what students have told them about their grandparents. Miller began the program thanking the grandparents in attendance for all they’ve done for their grandchildren.

“Thank you for taking the time to help them learn,” she said, noting that the more practice each student has, the better off they are in school.

Miller noted the students were excited for the program.

“When we told the children about Grandparent’s Day, they were very excited,” she said. “The children have shared a lot of great things about you (the grandparents).”

Kindergarten students began their list of performances with The Chicken Dance to smiles and giggles from their grandparents. After the dance, Schmitmeyer shared the many things that kindergarten students said they liked to do with their grandparents, including riding a tractor with grandpa, cooking with grandma and sleeping over at their grandparent’s house.

“We hear so many stories about grandmas and grandpas,” Schmitmeyer said.

The students then sang a song about the many places they go out to eat with their grandparents, including Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Red Lobster and Burger King.

The third song the kindergarten students sang was dedicated to the veterans in attendance.

Miller said the students had learned the importance of peacefully resolving conflicts, which was the theme of the song, “Peacemaker.”

“Peacemakers talk about it, they don’t fight about it,” the students sang. “They want to make up and be friends. When someone bothers you, just be brave and say please don’t bother me let’s be friends today.”

Schmitmeyer said in addition to the social skills of learning to make friends and resolve conflicts, students have also been learning about counting, money and the alphabet.

The students showed off their alphabet knowledge in the song “ABC Blues,” in which they recited the alphabet.

Students then sang a silly song titled “Tony Chestnut,” before finishing their program with “May There Always Be Sunshine.”

“May there always be grandmas, may there always be grandpas, may there always be families as special as you,” the kindergarten students sang.

After their performance, students presented their grandparents with a “Very Special Grandma/Grandpa” or “Star Grandma/Grandpa” badge and served them punch and popcorn.

Grandparents were also invited into the kindergarten classrooms to see where their grandchild learns.

New Bremen Elementary’s Grandparent’s Day continues today with another round of kindergarten students performing for their grandparents.