Cardinals Mark 100 Days

NEW BREMEN — One hundred was the key number for New Bremen Elementary second-grade students, as they celebrated their 100th day of school Monday afternoon.

The second-grade students in Marsha Wierwille’s class were in celebration mode, decked out in their 100th day crows and necklaces. A slew of 100th Day of School activities were planned for the students. Throughout the day, students worked on a coloring sheet, wrote their numbers from one to 100 on a grid, decorated a 100th Day of School cookie and did a dot-to-dot.

“Start with one and go all the way to 100, and when you’re finished, color in the picture,” Wierwille said to her students. “Make it look real nice.”

Wierwille also had a selection of 100th Day of School books available for her students to read, including “Jake’s 100th Day of School,” “Happy 100th Day” and “Emily’s First 100 Days of School.”

Wierwille said the students also had a 100th Day of School homework project — each student brought in 100 items.

“This morning they shared what they brought and why they brought it,” she said.

Pennies, straws, candy and cereal were among the variety of items the second-grade students brought in to share.

Amana Koeller said she brought a common item.

“I brought pop tabs,” she said. “I’m in the Girl Scouts and we collect them. I had so many of them, so I just counted 100 out of them.”

Grant Temple brought one of his favorite foods.

“I brought Pasta Wheels,” he said. “I really love pasta. I try to trick my dad into eating it every night.”

Branxton Krauss brought his favorite candy.

“I brought Skittles,” Branxton said. “I like eating Skittles.”

Brietta Fark and Kieysha Rismiller thought alike for their project — both students brought Cheerios to class.

“I looked around the house and I couldn’t think of anything, and then I found Cheerios,” she said, noting that Honey Nut Cheerios are her favorite kind.

Levi Archey said he looked around his house before choosing his item.

“I brought popcorn seeds,” he said. “That’s what we had a lot of.”