Cardinal Campaign Introduced At New Bremen BoE

Staff Writer

The Cardinal Campaign for 2018 to 2028 was introduced at Wednesday night’s board of education meeting in New Bremen. Jon Wells, committee member for the Cardinal Campaign spoke briefly at the meeting, introducing the idea and goals of the campaign to board members and passing out a press release that gave more information. 

The Cardinal Campaign is 10-year vision that is completely dependent on outside donations to care for different aspects of the school district’s needs. The 10 years is being broken up into three phases, first starting with the expansion of the Cardinal Boosters Center (CBC). The CBC, which was also completely funded by donations and athletic boosters hosts, the Speed and Strength Student Health Program, which is an after school fitness program for students in sixth and eighth grade. 

“Once the new school and CBC expansion are finished, we will have a single campus with safe, walkable access for all K-12 students,” Wells said.

The second phase will focus on the building and design of the high school baseball and softball fields to the property east of the campus. According to Wells, this is a more significant portion of the 10-year vision. The work needed to complete this phase will also strongly rely on fundraising efforts. 

The third phase will focus on long term needs on such things as the press box and maintenance of the bleachers. This phase will last seven to 10 years as maintenance on such items may be reoccuring. 

More details about the Cardinal Campaign will be provided at the Aug. 15 board of education meeting. 

For the full story, see Thursday's print edition of The Evening Leader.