Card Both Shy and Successful

NEW BREMEN — Victoria Wente considers herself shy — when she used to visit the fire station with her firefighter father, for example, she said it took a long time to be comfortable talking to people.

But that reticence has never kept her from going after what she wants.

The senior said several times, “I want what I want,” adding that she probably gets the trait from her father, who is also very focused.

“It’s made me driven,” Wente said “I have goals, and I want to get to them.”

She said she’s worked very hard to be second in her class academically with the hope she’ll earn a scholarship to Miami University in Oxford, which she said is an expensive, private university.

“I’m OCD about (my grades,)” she said. “If it’s anything lower than what I want, I’m upset ... I study a lot.”

She fell in love with Miami’s beautiful campus on a club volleyball trip.

“Since then, it’s always been my dream to go there,” she said.

The daughter of Ron and Sheila Wente said she plans to study accounting.

“Originally I wanted to be a vet,” she said. “Then I took accounting as a sophomore.”

She said not only did the class interest her, but math had always been a strength.

“When I go into math class, everything makes sense,” Wente said. “Even if it doesn’t at first, I can make it make sense.”

Not everything comes as easily, Wente said. History is difficult for her, but she said she puts in the time to make good grades.

The New Bremen-native plans to return to town after she graduates and hopes she can find work in the area.

“I want to be here,” she said.

Wente said she liked her childhood in the area because she spent so much time outside, writing in chalk or riding bikes, camping or going to the beach.

She’s spending her summer baby sitting three children two days a week, playing volleyball and reading.

Wente will leave Sunday, one of six young women who will represent New Bremen at the American Legion’s Girls State this year, where she hopes they’ll let her act as the State Highway Patrol person.

“That would be so much fun,” she said. “They run around and can pull people over, send them to court, give them tickets. They make whatever rules they want.”

Wente said she thought the experience would help her learn about government in a way that was more fun and interactive than classroom learning.

When Wente returns, she’ll be off to Canada this summer to see her older brother, nine years her senior, who is getting married soon.

Volleyball is her real love, she said.

“How can I put it. It’s my thing,” Wente said. “I want to do it all the time.”

With the same intentional focus Wente has used to achieve academically, she’s used to overcome her shyness. When Wente goes places by herself, she said she tries to sit by people she doesn’t know, and to say ‘Hi’ to new people.

“It’s really hard to be out there when you’re not used to it,” she said. “Most people here know who I am and that helps.”