Candidates File For Election

ST. MARYS — The ballot for the November General Election will feature a slew of contested races across the county, including a pair of contested school board races.

In St. Marys, the race for three open board of education seats will feature six candidates. Karl Dammeyer, 2645 Dowty Road, Janet Dicke, 149 Waterbury Court, Travis R. Kuenning, 10157 State Route 364, Brandon M. Meyer, 621 E. Spring St., Bob Valentine, 107 N. Wayne St., and Ralph A. Wiley, 123 Augustus St., are seeking the spots.

In New Bremen, four candidates are seeking three seats. Shelly Busse, 55 Harlamert Drive, Doug Hall, 19 S. Franklin St., Thomas Paul, 5868 State Route 274, and Tony Zircher, 4839 State Route 274, are seeking the seats as all three incumbents opted not to seek re-election.

Minster and New Knoxville school boards feature uncontested races. In Minster, John Heitbrink, 262 S. Lincoln St., Connie Meiring, 108 E. Third St., and Jeffry Monnin, 5028 Loretta Lane, are seeking to fill the three open seats. In New Knoxville, Shawn Egbert, 312 E. Spring St., Brian Lammers, 17815 Roettger Road, and Ryan K. Miltner, 6507 New Bremen/New Knoxville Road, are seeking the three open seats.

The village of New Bremen will have six people vying for four seats on village council. Dennis E. Burnell, 235 N. Franklin St., Jim Kronenberger Jr., 27 Kamman Circle, Don Kuck, 138 St. Clair Place, Robert D. Parker, 131 Reed St., Delores E. Stienecker, 15 Circle Drive, and Stephen E. Wills, 517 S. Walnut St., are running for the four spots.

In Minster, Paul Enneking, 78 S. Lincoln St., Steven M. Kitzmiller, 272 N. Hanover St., Craig G. Oldiges, 126 N. Paris St., and Ricky J. Schwartz, 252 S. Frankfort St., are seeking the four open seats.

New Knoxville has a shortage of candidates as two people filed for the four open seats. Jeffrey A. Henschen, 207 Botkins Angle Road, and Bob Jaynes, 111 E. Bremen St., filed for the seats.

Three townships in the area will have contested races for township trustees.

In Logan Township, Tom F. Elsass, 20168 Eisley Road, Robert L. Gibson, 20337 Conant Road, Jerry J. Griffo, 19999 Moulton/Fort Amanda Road, and Anthony Lochard, 20356 Bowsher Road, are seeking the two open seats.

In Moulton Township, Dean Kentner, 8667 Doering Road, Thomas Kohler, 10247 Fisher Road, and Patrick M. Schneider, 15290 Kettlersville Road, are seeking the two open seats.

In Washington Township, Tim Becher, 6693 Clover Leaf Road, Steven P. Kuck, 8179 State Route 219, and Luke Rodeheffer, 11075 Bay Road, are seeking the two open seats.

The rest of the township trustee races are uncontested.

In German Township, David Albers, 6727 County Road 66A, and Robert Heitkamp, 467 Canal St., are seeking the two open seats.

In Jackson Township, Jim Albers, 1864 State Route 119, and Kenneth A. Sommer, 3402 Sommer Road, are seeking the two open seats.

In Noble Township, Brian Cook, 16097 Koenig Road, and Grant L. Shaner, 17584 St. Marys River Road, are seeking the two open seats.

In Salem Township, Jeffrey Pratte, 2629 Marbaugh Road, and Richard Seibert, 21674 St. Mary River Road, are seeking the two open seats.

In St. Marys Township, Chad Elshoff, 5768 Southland Road, and Allen J. Imwalle, 2378 Waesch Road, are seeking the two open seats.

Voters in a handful of municipalities also will be voting on tax levies. In German Township, voters will determine the fate of an additional 1.5 mill tax levy for fire and EMS. Buckland voters will cast ballots on an additional five-year, 3 mill levy for fire and EMS.

Voters who live in the New Bremen School District will vote on an additional 0.05 mill tax levy for permanent improvements plus a 7.41 mill bond measure for the construction of a new elementary school. The construction levy is for a period of 33 years.

Voters who live in the New Knoxville School District will vote on a 1 percent income tax renewal for current expenses, and voters in the Minster School District will vote on a five-year, 0.2 mill renewal tax levy for recreation.

The Auglaize County Board of elections will certify the petition during its Aug. 14 meeting.