Butterflies To Add Personal Touch To Park

NEW BREMEN — An area organization is selling butterflies to adorn a unique park that is set to open in the region this summer.

The New Bremen-New Knoxville Rotary Club is currently raising funds to build the “Sunshine Playground” — a 100 percent handicapped-accessible playground, which would be the only one of its kind in West Central Ohio — that will be located in Bremenfest Park in New Bremen.

One of the ways the group is helping to raise funds is by selling colored butterfly shaped aluminum sign panels that will be attached to the fence at the front of the park.

Sunshine Playground Committee Chair Kristin Hough has been an imperative part to the playground — she was inspired to create the playground in honor of her nice, Camryn Murgatroyd, who lost her battle with an illness in 2009.

“The kids always associated her with butterflies,” Hough said. “In the Bible, butterflies represent resurrection, as well.”

She noted the butterflies are symbolic for the struggles special needs children encounter in their everyday lives.

“Kids with special needs have restraints, and butterflies represent the freedom the handicapped-accessible playground will give the kids,” Hough said. “For a little bit of the time they will spend here, they don’t have to feel different from other kids — they will be one with the other kids there.”

The group is offering three sizes of butterflies to choose from. The first costs $50 and is 6 inches by 8 inches and includes one line of text, the second costs $60 and is 10 inches by 6 inches and includes two lines of text, while the third costs $70 and is 5.6 inches by 12 inches and includes three lines of text.

“They can pick the size they want,” Hough said. “The company said they would try to fit the text that people want on it, and if want they want doesn’t fit, the company would notify that person.

For the small one, it fits about two or three names.

The largest one would fit a quote or a bunch of names.”

If a person wants a specific color, they should write it on the order form, otherwise, the color will be chosen for them.

“We prefer to pick the color so that we have a variety,” Hough said.

A popular question she has received, Hough said, is if the butterflies can be removed from the fence.

“There is a bracket on the fence, so that they’re secured to the fence and they cannot be removed,” she said. “They are very heavy duty, and they are really nice quality butterflies.”

With the group left to raise $6,000 for the park, the site should be open by summer 2012, Hough said.

“If people would like to have their butterfly on the fence when the playground opens, they should order by April 1,” she said. “That way, they can come and see it.”

Order forms are available by contacting the New Bremen-New Knoxville Rotary Club or at area businesses.

More information about the project is available at RotarySunshineProject.org or by “Liking” the page on Facebook.

Anyone with questions can contact Hough at 419-305-0279 or e-mail RotarySunshineProject@ymail.com.