Burke Nails Her Dream Job

Angel Burke stands in front of her lineup of nail polishes inside her business, Vanity Nail Studio, LLC, located at 203 E. Spring St. Burke’s business opened Monday.
Managing Editor

After years of studying and working in the hair salon business, making a name for herself as a nail technician and spending months to work on her storefront after signing a lease in October, Angel Burke’s dream of owning a nail salon business came true.

A former storefront of the Village Boutique, Vanity Nail Studio, LLC, located at 203 E. Spring St., opened for business on Monday and it has already attracted customers for the young business owner looking to make her mark in St. Marys.

A Dayton native, Burke left the Dayton area and eventually attended the Ohio State Beauty Academy in Lima before getting her start in the hair salon business in St. Marys at Fringe217 Salon and Spa.

“I have had my cosmetology license for about three years now I used to do hair but then I switched completely over to just doing nails,” she said. “It was something I found that I was more passionate about.”

But a nail salon was something that took time for her to warm up to when she was in school.

She said the beauty school did not offer nail service but taught it in class and when she first did nails, she thought it was something she never wanted to do again because she felt she was not good at it.

“I have a small thing for perfectionism, but then I slowly started to get into it more and more, doing them all myself, doing them on my mother-in-law, just kind of playing with it because with doing nails, it’s not like doing hair,” she explained. “The client knows exactly what they want, as far as doing nails people just want you to make them look pretty and that gives me a chance to get my artistic creativity out there and offer something new every time they come back instead of just the same thing every time so that’s allowed me to kind of just be free with it so that’s what that’s probably why I like it the most.”

While at Fringe217, she eventually incorporated her nail salon skills and was voted the best nail technician by The Evening Leader’s Readers’ Choice Awards for 2019. By the time she left the business in early July, she had built a healthy clientele who has since followed her to her new business.

“I got this building in October and I’ve been working on it since then,” Burke said. “I have an advanced cosmetology license, so I have all of the management know-how and that was really nice. It is kind of nice to just have my own little place. I don’t have a boss anymore and it doesn’t feel like work. I definitely, definitely love doing nails and I am glad that I am able to do it again.”

Burke said she designs nails for any shapes and sizes. Her services include gel, acrylic, nail polish, manicures, polygon, ombre and polishes her own designs. She said she hopes to have a pedicure set up soon.

“I do it all and it doesn’t matter what it is, I love it, even if they bring me something off the wall,” she added

Burke is the lone employee right now and she does not have set hours because she works more for what time is best for her clients.

“I’m by appointment,” she said. “So if someone tells me that they have kids or they work all the time and need to come in later, that’s fine. I only live two blocks away so if I need to run up here real quick and do some nails, that’s fine with me.

“And I encourage people to bring their kids if they can’t find a babysitter, that’s no big deal. With me by myself, if they do bring a kid it’s not going to bother anybody else. I am working on getting a toy box together that way when kids do come, they have something to do. I do encourage that because I don’t want that to stop people from coming in and getting their nails done.”

To book an appointment, call or text the studio at 419-778-0379 or contact Burke online by visiting the Vanity Nail Studio LLC Facebook page.