Brookside Relocating

NEW BREMEN — After approximately 60 years at its location in New Knoxville, Brookside Laboratories will be relocating to New Bremen.

The approximately $2.4 million investment will cover six acres in New Bremen’s Bunker Hill Industrial Park. The facility will be approximately 38,000 square feet. President and CEO Mark Flock said the reason for the relocation was space.

“We’ve outgrown our facility here (in New Knoxville) and we’re landlocked,” Flock said. “We’ve had two record years in a row with our business, and we just can’t grow anymore here. We’ve overgrown the building.”

Flock noted that several locations were taken into consideration before choosing New Bremen.

“We’ve been looking at four great facilities in four really great locations — in Wapakoneta, New Knoxville, St. Marys and New Bremen,” he said. “New Bremen just had a great layout of an existing industrial park. It was just everything we needed. The surrounding businesses were real complimentary, too.”

Flock noted that New Knoxville has been a good area for the business.

“It’s been a great location for almost 60 years, we’ve just outgrown it and we need more space — space that’s laid out better for production,” Flock said. “We’re going to build something larger and lay it out better. It’ll be more efficient and function better. New Bremen has had a great area that would work perfect for our needs.”

Construction for the new facility will begin next year.

“Construction will probably start next April, and we’d like to move in sometime at the end of December or early January,” Flock said. “Most of it is going to happen next year.”

Flock said Brookside Laboratories will bring its current state-of-the-art equipment to the new facility.

“We have probably 50 pieces of equipment and 60 computers, and that all will come with us,” he said. “With a new layout, it will allow us to efficiently do more with what we have. We’re designing this to be  more efficient, which is really going to help us a lot. And then we will expand from the things we have now, as far as our resources that we use — larger storage tanks for gas and things like that. That will allow us to do more and grow more in the future.”

Flock said that because of the success the business has been having, there is potential for more jobs at Brookside Laboratories.

“If we keep growing the way we are growing, there could be a couple of jobs added every year,” Flock said. “It should help us a lot to have a better layout and a design for efficiency and functionality. We’ve had two record years in a row and I don’t see that stopping, so we’ll need more bodies as we grow.”

Flock said he is glad the business is staying in Auglaize County.

“We’ve always been a part of the Golden Triangle and we’re glad to stay in it and stay active,” Flock said. “We’re looking forward to the businesses in the area that will be complimentary to ours, and that will allow us to grow efficiently.”