Bids Submitted For Path

ST. MARYS — Five firms submitted bids Thursday afternoon to build a perimeter walking path around K.C. Geiger Park.

Miami Erie Construction submitted the apparent low bid of $131,000 for the project, which will include a paved walking path around the park. The engineer’s estimate for the project was $178,415.75, resulting in a savings of close to $47,500. The highest bid came in at $175,026.50.

“We’re really pleased with the bids,” City Engineer Craig Moeller said. “I didn’t expect them quite that low.”

Initially, the project was going to encompass the towpath along the Miami and Erie Canal. However, that portion of the path was placed on hold while officials decide the next course of action regarding the banks of the canal. The banks, which has deteriorated throughout the years, are in need of repair. That portion of the path will not be rebuilt until after the work on the banks is completed.

“We’re taking off a quarter mile worth of the path,” Moeller said.

“The area we are taking off would have connected the existing towpath to the perimeter path up by Greenville Road ... We want to look at stabilizing the banks of the canal along K.C. Geiger so we are holding off on the reconstruction of the path until that is done because we don’t want to tear up new work.”

Work on the path will not begin until after SummerFest.

Moeller estimated once the contractor begins work, it should take between two and three months to complete.

“We anticipate it to be done by the end of the year,” Moeller said.

City officials have started the process of engaging the Ohio Department of Natural Resources regarding the restoration of the canal’s banks.

“The first step is talking with ODNR to see what can be worked out with them,” Moeller said.

“From there we’d have to definitely do some dredging and bring in new clay, if ODNR allows that to happen, to extend the banks out and get them built out from the towpath ... It will be a costly and lengthy process to do that.”