Bid Accepted for West Beach Project Aeration Units

Staff Writer

At the most recent Lake Facility Authority meeting, the group approved the only bid for the installation of aeration equipment for the West Beach Project on Grand Lake St. Marys.
The cost of the bid, $49,359, came from EverBlue Lakes out of Richland, Michigan.
Earlier this year the LFA authorized Jared Ebbing, Mercer County community and economic development director, to send the project out for bid.
“A very small portion of the project needed to be quoted out and that’s the aeration equipment,” Ebbing said. “We were able to receive that $50,000 SWIF, Surface Water Improvement Fund, grant for $50,000. The quote came in for $49,359.
“It’s really just for a high end diffuser. We’ll have like 20 plus diffusers throughout this water area to have a nanobubble — very small aerated bubbles — coming out of these diffusers which keeps the water aerated, keeps that water moving.”
The aeration units will be one of two barriers installed for the West Beach Project to keep the water in the swimming area separate from the rest of the lake. Currently, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) is finishing up creating extended rock berms to further enclose the beach area, leaving only a 50 foot gap on the far side of the aeration units for kayaks and canoes to get through to the rest of the lake.
Ebbing noted that the one benefit to the barrier that is being created is it isn’t permanent and could be removed later when all of Grand Lake St. Marys is free of the current algae problem.
A rope will be placed in the water to keep swimmers away from the aeration units.
According to Ebbing, ODNR is funding the majority of the West Beach Project as they are installing the berm and will be conducting the dredging that will take place to clean the food source for the algae and adding the new, clean sand to the area.

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