Bicyclists To Race Around Lake

ST. MARYS — Bicyclists from all over will be descending on the area this weekend as the local lake becomes a race course.

Grand Lake St. Marys will be the site of a Colavita Zipp Time Trial Series race this Sunday, as bicyclists will embark on a trek around the lake.

"This is our second race at the lake," Organizer Roger Bowersock said. "Our first was in 2010."

The Greenville resident said last year's race was an enjoyable one for the participants.

"Last year when we had the race, the riders really liked it," he said, noting there have been a few adjustments made in the course to account for any of the snags they encountered in 2010. "It should be really neat to do it again."

Even though he lives out of town, Bowersock said he is familiar with Grand Lake St. Marys.

"I'm originally from St. Marys," he said. "I love St. Marys, I love the lake. I'm real familiar with the lake."

Sunday's race will kick off on Lakeshore Drive in Celina, with riders going all the way around the lake for the 24.5 miles, coming through St. Marys and back to Celina.

"Our first rider will begin at 9 a.m.," Bowersock said. "We will have one rider going every minute."

The race, he said, should last into the afternoon if residents would like to watch.

"It's a very unique even to be able to go around the lake in a controlled environment," Bowersock said. "It's a very unique course — most courses don't have the scenery the lake provides."

He added area police departments and sheriff's offices have assisted in the development of the course.

"There are roads that they have blocked off," he said. "You will never be able to go around the lake as fast or as carefree as you can on Sunday."

Bowersock said he is hoping to have 200 participants in Sunday's race, and bicyclists can either register ahead of time or on the day of the race.

"It's the same price either way," he said. "If you show up the day of, you start in the next available spot. People like to pre-register because they can pick their starting time."

To pre-register, bicyclists can go to and click "Register Now."

"We've got a lot of cash and local door prizes to give away," Bowersock said. "It seems like we have a lot of support from the business community. We have pizzas, all kinds of things we'll give away."