Artists Add Creations

ST. MARYS — A group has been devoting its time working indoors this summer, as a few high school students have diligently been working to add some of their own flair to a local school.

Members of Memorial High School's Art Club, which is advised by Jen Christopher, have been spending a few days a week during their summer break to add some color to the gymnasium at St. Marys Primary School.

"Before school was out, they started sketching," St. Marys Primary School Principal Sue Sherman said.

She said the idea came about after the recent renovations on the school.

"When they did the renovations of the school, this room felt cold and not very warm and welcoming for the little kids," Sherman said. "The economical way to brighten it up was to use our own students to put their own flavor on the walls."

She noted the group of students — Garrett Burger, Leah Renner, Hannah Langsdon and Allie Zimmerman, as well as Emily Ruvoldt who helped come up with drawings — came up with their sketches and showed them to her.

"All I told them was that this needs to be for little kids, that this needs to look good for little kids," Sherman said.

From there, the high school students got to work — bringing their sketches to the gym, where they drew them on the wall with pencil first. Now, they have started painting the characters, who depict athletes in various sports.

Three of the students — Langsdon, Burger and Renner — worked on the characters on Friday, and they all said it was their first time being part of an art project for the community.

"I think we're making a good amount of progress for how long we've been working on it," Renner said.

Renner added she decided to help with the project because of her bare summer.

"I don't have much to do this summer," she said, adding she thinks the children will enjoy the paintings when they return to school this fall.

Burger said the project has been fun.

"It's fun, but it's time consuming," he said, adding he came up with the sketches for the characters.

The one he didn't draw, Burger said, was a football character, whom they found on the Internet.

"He draws them and Hannah and I are painting them," Renner said.

The trio said they have been working in the gym at least once a week for the past two weeks. Sherman said she hopes the characters will be finished before school begins again in August.

"The kids only saw the beginning of the sketches before school let out," Sherman said. "I think they'll be excited to see them."