Alltel's Chad To Visit Schools

ST. MARYS — St. Marys City Schools will play host to Alltel Wireless’ Chad this week, as he will make appearances at several events in the district.

Chad will be in St. Marys to promote awareness of Alltel’s partnership with St. Marys City Schools for mobile learning devices, to recognize the football program for its participation in Alltel’s Yards 4 Youth and to promote Alltel’s commitment to helping people save money on their wireless bills.

Chad will begin his appearances with a trip to St. Marys Intermediate School on Thursday.

“He is going to participate in a newsreel, which is a video segment that the student body sees live, and they don’t know he’s coming,” Heide Harrell, Stone Ward senior public relations account executive, told The Evening Leader. “It says, ‘Hey, we’re here, Alltel wants you guys to work hard, take care of those devices and learn all you can.’

Chad will also be judging a few contests during his visit to the school.

“Chad is also judging a coloring contest for third and fourth graders and a paragraph contest for fifth graders, and he’ll be awarding prizes to each of those winners,” Harrell said.

Before leaving the school, Chad will visit all the classrooms to encourage students and to sign autographs.

“He’s really trying to encourage the students to have a great school year,” Harrell said.

On Friday, Chad will be visiting Memorial High School for a pep rally and St. Marys Primary School to read to first grade classes.

Chad will partake in a few pregame activities at Skip Baughman Stadium before making an appearance at the PTO’s annual chili supper, which will be held from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Union Hall. PTO President Joetta Bubp noted sandwiches, chili, deserts and drinks will be available at the supper, and proceeds raised go toward things needed at the school.

“We raise money for the two elementary schools,” Bubp said, noting last year the PTO was able to purchase a computer lab. “With funds being low at the school, we’re able to help fill in the gap.”

She noted the PTO does not raise money for things like furniture or building improvements and instead focuses on items students need that they would not otherwise be able to have.

“We’re buying things for teachers and groups that help the children,” she said.

Raffle tickets and Roughrider Cards will also be available at the chili supper.

To round off his trip to St. Marys, Chad will attend the Roughriders football game Friday night and will make a special appearance during the game to recognize the school’s participation in Alltel’s Yards 4 Youth.

“He will be doing a check presentation before the second quarter of the high school football game,” Harrell said.