Airport Terminal Still On Hold

Staff Writer

The Auglaize County Airport Authority and Auglaize County Commissioner Doug Spencer took a field trip for the authority’s August meeting. 

Visiting the Bellefontaine Regional Airport in Logan County, the authority got a chance to take a look at a terminal that could be duplicated at the Neil Armstrong Airport.

In an Aug. 2 meeting with the Auglaize County Board of County Commissioners, the terminal was put on hold until costs could be reduced and contractors were available to work on the project. The delay meant the terminal would not be completed in time for the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. 

Will added that the terminal building will be a key impression of the county for the next 50 or 60 years and he wants to make sure it is done right — in order to make the best possible look for the county as a whole. Will added that he, Delta Airport Consultants’ Steve Potoczak and other ACAA members fly around the country for their work.

The project manager, Potoczak, advised the airport authority on another project he is working on in Fulton County. 

He said he is starting to get interest in the project — a snow removal equipment storage building — indicating to him that contractors are starting to finish their summer projects and they are starting to trust the market prices.

“On my end, I’d love to rebid [the terminal],” Potoczak said. “I think the market is starting to ease up. My other project will be bid out again in a week or so and I’ve had several calls interested in picking it up and bid on it. I think the [contractors’] plates are starting to open up.”

While the authority and Spencer understood Potoczak’s hopefulness, the commissioner advised the ACAA to think about not only the quality of the project but also the finances.

“It would be awesome to have this done by the 50th anniversary but we’re not going to ramrod this through just to make it happen and not have the available funds to pay for it,” Spencer said. “Over the years, the footprint has diminished but the cost has greatly increased. I don’t see the board of commissioners coming out of the gates for this.”

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