Two Scoops in St. Marys

Two Scoops owner Judy DuBois stands at her counter in St.Marys

For Judy DuBois, working in the food industry started when she was 12.

“I started working for Max Schlatter in Wapak. He owned Max’s, and my sister worked there and after I bugged him enough, he hired me,” said DuBois. She said that path to where she is today went through her having various careers, having a family, owning Auglaize Embroidery for 23 years, and finally an opportunity.

“My brother told me that Max’s on the west side of Wapakoneta was for sale. I went and looked at it, and thought, ‘whats the worse that could happen?’” said DuBois. She now owns Two Scoops in St. Marys, and started with Scoops in Wapakoneta which is in its seventh season, and which she recently sold to her daughter. “I always wanted to do it, so we gave it a shot.”

The shop is located at 1044 East Spring Street in St. Marys, and has a bright feel to it, and that is by design.

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