St. Marys FFA to host new family friendly event

The St. Marys FFA is bringing a family friendly event downtown in the form of gingerbread house decorating as being their biggest draw.

The group is planning to hold the event at the St. Marys Eagles basement coming Dec. 19, and they’re inviting any interested parties to participate. Families with children 12 and under are encouraged to take part and make some gingerbread houses from 5 to 6:30 p.m. after registering with the club.

“It’s basically a night where the parents can bring their kids,” said Elizabeth Brown, one of the students who is spearheading the event. “Basically what we’ll have is that they’ll come in, pay their $10 or a board game and

then they will also be given an already put together gingerbread house.”

The families will be given some materials to help decorate it to their liking, which includes icing and different kinds of candy to help decorate it and take it home. The idea was inspired by other groups performing similar events and the FFA wanting to give their own take on it.

“It’s actually my passion project this year since I’m an officer, I’m the vice president,” Brown stated as being how the project started officially. “Every year we do a project and the officer has to do something that they’re passionate about or that they care about.”

Brown said that she chose this event as the basis for her project due to her own memories of making gingerbread houses during the holidays. She figured that if the parents do it this way, they won’t have to worry about cleaning up the mess later while still having all the fun.

“It’s our first year doing it, so we expect a small outcome. We’re happy for any kids that come,” said Brown. While they don’t have any specific goals in mind for the turnout, they do hope to see plenty of people stop by. “I’m just happy for the kids that do come.”

If things do go well this year and it seems like plenty of families enjoyed the event, they do plan on doing it again next year with more preparations. Brown is very thankful for all of the help they’ve received so far and is looking forward to having this get started.

“Mrs. Bambauer has been a blessing. She has helped so much,” said Brown, crediting her as being the one who helped get the planning phases started. She also wants to thank the New Knoxville FFA for helping give them supplies, stating that it was a big help to them to get this event started.

For more information on the St. Marys FFA club, make sure to visit their Facebook page at SMRidersFFA. Updates and other events will be also be posted as the school year continues to progress.