Village To Revamp Roads

NEW KNOXVILLE — The village of New Knoxville will be working to improve its streets next year with help from grant funds from the county.

“Essentially, what we are anticipating is a grant from the public works commission in the amount of $58,000,” Village Administrator Rex Katterheinrich told councilors at their meeting Tuesday night. “What the committee would like to do is move ahead with some significant street improvement projects. We’re focusing on streets that are west of Center Branch Creek, which would be West German Street, Walnut Street south of German — between Bremen and German has already been paved. It would also be Bielefeld Street and West South Street. Those are the key streets.”

Werheim Street is also on the list of streets that need improvement.

“I’m also proposing that we will do a significant improvement to Werheim Street,” Katterheinrich said. “Werheim is just a street that’s never really had a lot of TLC. There’s a lot of things that we can do to really help that out. It’ll be an improvement for the property owners, they’ll appreciate it significantly. I’m looking at doing 404 asphalt on that.”

A section of Mill Street is also in need of improvement.

“The other short section of street that gets a lot of traffic and we’ve done little to it is the short section of North Mill Street that goes from 219 down to the American Legion,” Katterheinrich said. “It needs to be dressed up a little bit, so I’ve got that included in here as well.”

A block of Kuck Street, from Mill Street to East Street, is also included in the proposal. New Knoxville’s streets are due for an upgrade, Katterheinrich said.

“We haven’t done a lot of street improvement projects for a while, and this will be the largest amount of work that we’ve done for a number of years,” he said.

He noted the work done will depend on how the bids for the project come in.

“Some of this is going to depend on the kind of bids we get,” Katterheinrich said. “We know we’re going to be obligating local capital improvement funds. (Fiscal Officer) Janet (Beall) and I have talked about that, the committee has talked about that.”

Council President Mark Howe voiced his support for the project.

“Personally, I would like to see this happen,” he said. “I look at these streets that are on here and I agree with Rex. They haven’t been touched in a long time ... I think it’s long overdue, and if we can do this, I say let’s do it.”

Katterheinrich said the village will “get a lot of bang for its buck” with the streets project.

“With the $58,000 that’s coming in grant money, I think we’re going to get a good bang for our buck,” he said. “I think 2013 will be a great year for making these kind of improvements, and then we’ll probably be on hold for a while again.”

In other business, councilors:

• Approved the Aug. 14 meeting minutes.

• Approved the meeting’s modified agenda.

• Approved a pay ordinance.

• Approved, as an emergency, an appropriations amendment adding fringe benefit dollars for police auxiliary uniforms.

• Approved, as an emergency, an ordinance to amend the wage ordinance to include sergeant for the police department.

• Approved, as an emergency, a resolution to establish an auxiliary police unit within the police department of the village per ORC 737.161.

• Approved a resolution accepting the amounts and rates as determined by the budget commission and authorizing the necessary tax levies.

• Approved the second reading of the investment policy for village funds.

The next regular meeting of the village of New Knoxville Council will be held at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 9 in the village administration building.