Village Issues Advisory

NEW BREMEN — Officials in the village of New Bremen are asking residents to curtail water usage in an effort to conserve the resource.

In a news release issued to The Evening Leader, New Bremen Mayor Jeff Pape announced the imposition of a water use advisory for the village. Pape asked residents to curb water use by eliminating practices such as watering lawns, washing cars and operating outdoor fountains.

“This is a very delicate situation that could easily turn into an emergency,” Pape said in a news release. “Our concern is that if any of our wells are depleted, it could take days or weeks to recharge them and we would have an emergency.  We hope that residents fully observe these voluntary measures, which should help avoid mandatory restrictions.”

A lack of precipitation has caused a spike in water usage in the village. Water usage in New Bremen has increased by 33 percent in July. Last year, the average daily water use was 403,000 gallons. On Tuesday, village users consumed 537,000 gallons of water.

“Our system of wells ordinarily delivers about 250,000 to 400,000 gallons per day,” Water Superintendent Greg Dennings said in a news release. “The wells can supply upwards of 800,000 gallons for a single day if they are run continuously, but that does not allow the wells sufficient time to recharge.  As recently as Sunday, July 3, we were pumping under 300,000 gallons per day.”

The village also has taken steps to curb its water consumption. The automatic watering system for Lock One Park has been turned off and any watering will be done by using canal or water collected from the discharge system at the wastewater treatment plant.

“Those locations will be the newly seeded Kuest Ditch area along North Eastmoor Drive, the newly seeded area around the Electric Department at 555 Streine Drive, and various trees around town,” Village Administrator Wayne York said of the areas that will be watered. “If residents see our tanker trailer in use, it is not carrying drinking water.  Residents are further advised to postpone fertilizer applications that require watering until normal rainfall resumes.”

The advisory will remain in place until water usage returns to normal levels. For more information, call 419-629-3423.