Trio To Head To State Band

ST. MARYS — Three St. Marys locals will be heading to Columbus later this month to participate in the state’s fair band.

Current St. Marys Memorial High School seniors, Troy Newlove and Drew Poppe, will join alumnus Tanner Zizelman to participate in the 2011 All-Ohio State Fair Band during the Ohio State Fair in Columbus.

“We go down the 23rd,” Newlove said. “Then we have four days of nonstop practice before the fair starts. We have performances all throughout the fair.”

The performances include both parades and shows.

“We have a parade every day,” Newlove said. “We have shows we do every day. There are random shows we do at different places throughout Columbus and the fairgrounds.”

Newlove noted the All-Ohio State Fair Band consists of two bands.

“There’s two bands — the red band and the black band,” Newlove said.

He and Poppe will lead the two bands as the drum majors — which is also their role for the St. Marys All Brass Brand.

Zizelman, a percussionist and a 2011 graduate of St. Marys, participated in the All-Ohio State Fair Band last year and will return again this year. It is the first time participating for Newlove and Poppe.

“I’m looking forward to meeting all the people,” Newlove said. “I like to make people smile, like during parades and stuff. That’s always fun.”

Newlove noted he and Poppe have been traveling to Columbus every Tuesday to participate in Ohio State’s Marching Band’s Summer Sessions since they began on June 21 to hone their drum major skills.

“We go down to Ohio State and show them everything we know, and they show us things we should know to help us out,” Newlove said, noting the drum majors attend the sessions each summer. “They show us new tricks and they show us how to do our tricks differently.”

The drum majors then bring back their knowledge to apply to their own local shows.

“It’s a big thing that will help us a lot this year for half-time, parades and such,” Newlove said.

It was at the summer sessions where Newlove and Poppe were selected to be part of the All-Ohio State Fair Band.

“They knew we were interested, and they asked us to show what we know to see if we were ready and our attitudes — it’s not just about twirling but also with attitude,” Newlove said. “After all the observation, they gave us the OK.”

He noted it helped because the two already knew the songs the band performs.

“We play songs Ohio State plays,” Newlove said. “We do marches, ‘Stars and Stripes Forever,’ we basically knew all of the stuff. We’re kind of ahead of the game for everybody else, so we can be leaders.”

While participating in the band, Newlove, Poppe and Zizelman will stay in housing provided by the band.

Newlove encouraged locals to come see their hometown band members perform during the fair.

“We want to see a lot of familiar faces there,” he said. “It’s fun to see people that we know.”

The Ohio State Fair opens July 27, with the last day being Aug. 7. The complete schedule of the band’s performances during the fair can be found at